Recession pains: Job losers groan

The economic situation of the country is not friendly as many organisations can no longer afford salaries, forcing them to reduce the numbers of workers. In the course of this, many Nigerians whom were gainfully employed as at the beginning of the year are now jobless as a result of the recession. Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly, many of those who have lost their jobs shared their ordeal…



I was working with a bank before I lost my job in July. Things have not been easy since, thank God my wife is working. She is a teacher  with the state government. God has blessed us with our own house and we have another one we let out, that has been our saving grace. If not, I don’t know what I would have done. The country is no more easy to live in. Things are very expensive now and my children are still very young. We thank God for everything.



It has really not been easy. Thank God I have a good wife, she is really trying. She is the one shouldering all the responsibilities of the house. I have applied and applied to several companies to no avail. I was working as a marketing officer with an electronics company, sales has really been so poor and I couldn’t meet up with targets. The man I was working with placed me on probation. I couldn’t still meet up and he asked me to leave.



Our boss got to the office and asked all the ladies to leave. I work in the aviation sector. We all know the challenges that sector is facing now. Pilots, hostesses are losing their jobs. I can’t blame them. It is the present state of the economy. I am staying with my sister, even at that, it has not been easy. At least, I used to handle one or two financial responsibilities in the family, but I can’t anymore. I lost my job in July, I couldn’t tell my sister’s husband until this month. The man is also struggling to keep his family above board. I don’t want to be an additional responsibility to them.



I was working with Power Holding Company before I lost my job. I must tell you, it has not been easy. We are just struggling to stay alive. At a point, I thought of relocating back home and put my house in Ogun State for rent, but my wife encouraged me to stay. She has been the one taking care of the family. I am trying to hustle but it is not like a regular job.



It’s not been easy coping since I was thrown out of work about three months ago. Those of us affected were mainly women and we’re yet to be paid our three months salary arrears. And no hope is in sight. Our boss only promised to recall us when the economy picks up again. But who knows how soon that will be. I am planning to go into petty business to keep myself pending the time the situation will improve. But now, I can’t eat three square meals daily again.



I was sacked in December 2015, after nine years in service as a banker. Although, I was compensated alongside others who were also affected, the whole money is almost gone now. It’s not easy not having a regular job. I have scaled down so many things, including my children’s schools. I have withdrawn them to less paying schools. Even, I have relocated to Abule Egba since June this year where rent is minimal. My wife has been playing the lead role in the family for four months. Now, I am planning to veer into pure water production with the little money left in my account and with the support of my brother abroad. I have even submitted the proposal to the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). I am still waiting to hear from the agency. It’s not been easy coping now that the economy bites harder and harder. But I believe, with all hope in God, we’re still going to enjoy this country.

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