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Recession pains: Nightclubs deserted

The current economic situation in the country is not helping matters as club owners are complaining about low patronage. ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with some club owners and some club PROs and this is what they said.


OLAOLUWA (Club Rumors)

It’s normal for the situation of the country to affect business negatively or positively because in a country where people are not making money like they should or like they used to, clubbing becomes luxury for them.

Clubbing automatically goes down on their priority list…so basically, there has been a drop in patronage since the recession.

Obviously, drinks are more expensive. The drinks are imported, import duties went up, dollar rose. We don’t have a choice than to increase our prices. If not, we will be running at a loss. For example, a bottle of Hennessey Vsop used to be N25,000 but its now N30,000, Moet Rose used to be N35,000 now N40,000 and so on.

We are actually staying afloat someway. It is not as if people do not go clubbing at all, it is just that people have reduced their spending which I feel is fair enough considering the recession. We are afloat.


OLAWALE (PRO Lavenda Club)

It’s affecting the business because most of the people that patronize us are now complaining because there is no money. They can’t even feed themselves and family not to talk of coming to the club to buy one bottle of Hennessey for N25,000.

Last year was okay that most of our customers didn’t complain but now, everything is just getting worse day by day. It is written in the Bible that God will always see us through in every situation we are facing, I think it’s by God’s grace that we are coping today. If not for God we don’t know where we will be today.


ICE DEW (Entertainment Manager, Club Vegas)

The recession is normal. It is general, it is everywhere and after sometime, we will pass through all these and start enjoying. If you don’t pass through pains you can never benefit tomorrow.

The thing is, the President knows what he is doing. Some of us will be thinking about a lot of things. Sometimes it can lead to success and every commodity will reduce in price. In Nigeria, anything that goes up does not come down.

Last year was better than this year. Though not just the sales of drinks that dropped it affected everything like Jack Daniels that we sold for N12,000 before is now N15,000 – N17,000 and it might be higher at other clubs. Like Eggs of Stay, we do it for N150,000 for one bottle but now it is N170,000. So in price, there is increase in everything.

Though people are no longer patronising clubs like before. Not that they don’t come but they have reduced the way they drink when they go clubbing. It is not easy but I have been coping by God’s grace. We have to keep surviving and hoping.



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