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Recession pains: Second-hand clothes, shoes and bags now more popular


Fairly used items popularly known as okrika now hold sway as recession bites harder. Nigerians, most especially women would rather patronize fairly used clothings, shoes and bags than go for the new ones.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinion of ladies, women about second hand items…



Do you buy second hand items?

Yes, I do. I buy shoes, bags and jeans.

Why do you prefer second hand items?

They last longer. They are very affordable. I don’t have to save a fortune to dress well. With N2,000, I can get items better than what someone wearing N5,000 worth of clothes is wearing. The items are very affordable and you wouldn’t even know if some are actually second hand.



I patronize second hand market. I buy bags, shoes and even children’s clothes from them. They are durable, especially if you know where to get the first grade. Even with the recession, they are not as expensive as the new items.

For example, I bought a second hand bag last month for N1,200. It is even a Dolce and Gabanna’s bag, not the Aba made bag.



I buy second hand items when I don’t have much on me. I also buy new items too. They are unique. You wouldn’t see them everywhere. I used one bag for two years until it started to peel. I can’t use a new bag for two years. The maximum is for six months. I would buy a new bag for N5,000 and second hand bag for N1,000 or N1,500. That is why I prefer the fairly used fashion items.



I don’t call them second hand, I call them fairly used. Some of them are even new. it all depends on how lucky you are. They are of good quality, durable, less expensive and unique. I bought a lunch bag for my son last year, he is still using it up till now. Though he has two that we normally interchange, that notwithstanding. If the two bags were new, they would have packed up. I bought a new one two years ago and it did not last for a term.



I patronize second hand items. I have bought a couple of things there this year. I used to buy shoes from them. I have a big foot. Most new shoes don’t look too nice on me because I can’t easily get my size.



I buy fairly used items, ranging from electronics, bags, clothes, children’s wear and even rugs. They last longer and they are affordable. I am not buying them because of recession, I buy because I get value for my money.

I bought a new electric kettle last year, it didn’t last for two months. I have an iron that we used for three years. It was second hand electronics. When it spoilt, we bought a new one that did not last for six months. I went for a fairly used one which I bought for N500. Two years after, the iron is still working, so why waste money.



I patronize sellers of fairly used items. That is what I can afford for now, Besides, they are very durable. Some of those items can last longer than the new ones.



I buy a lot of fairly used items. I enjoy them more than Nigerian made products or China products that wouldn’t last long. You are sure to get value for your money. Even if you don’t, you wouldn’t mind because it is not as expensive as the new ones. A lot of Nigerians patronize them. They save cost a lot.



I buy fairly used bags and shoes. They last longer but I don’t like buying clothes from them. They don’t last as such. They fade on time. I enjoy the shoes and bags.



I buy fairly used items. Not just shoes and bag alone, I buy things for my children as well. They are cheaper and durable. They are economical. One needs to cut cost. Recession has made more people to start patronizing fairly used clothing and shoes.



I patronize fairly used clothes. The truth is these items are not only meant for the poor. I go to Iyana Ipaja night market to buy my clothes and with N5,000,  I will buy as many as I want at very cheap prices. People always say that okrika clothes are not good because it is second hand but when you wash them with hot water and soap and you iron them, they become brand new wears. Some boutique owners come to shop for okrika clothes, so why would I waste my money when I can look very elegant at a cheaper rate.



I patronize cheap clothes, shoes and bags. Before I used to buy from boutiques till my friend took me to Yaba market in 2012. Since then, that is where I have been buying my clothes. Even my children’s clothes I buy them from there and I get good clothes, so far I am able to go on their market days.



I patronize second hand clothes. I bought this jeans trouser for N300 at Ojota, Lagos, but you will not know if I don’t tell you. The thing is, most times these things come by luck. If you go to Ojota by 7pm at night, you will see first grade wears. You’d see office jackets for N500, inner tops for N100 and office skirts for N500. They are sometimes new clothes with labels on it and are very affordable for me. I don’t need to spend all my salary to look good.



I patronize fairly used clothes, shoes and bags very well because they are very affordable. As far as you have good eyes for clothes, you will definitely get the best. They are not costly. No matter how low your budget is, you will have enough clothes without having to think about it and with the way this economy is going, I cannot afford to buy boutique clothes. So, I have decided to buy what is affordable.



I patronize second hand goods because they last longer than new ones. They are very affordable. Whenever I come back home from school, I buy and wash them. There was a time I took N10,000 to the market and I bought almost a full box of fairly used clothes and they were very neat. Even my friends loved to wear my clothes. They think I have a boutique I patronize until I told them where I bought them. Whenever I am coming home, they give me money to help them buy clothes too. The clothes last longer than expected. Sometimes I give them out.



I patronize fairly used items, but not all the time. Sometimes, I buy new clothes and bags too. The second hand clothes and shoes come by luck. Most times you will see what you want and sometimes you won’t. But they actually last longer, but I don’t really buy them like that.



I buy fairly used items because they are affordable. I buy second hand bags, jeans, tops and dresses and one thing is that you cannot find them anywhere because they are not like new clothes where they are mass produced. I bought a shoe one time in Ogba and one year after, I still wear them. I get complement when I wear the shoe.


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