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Recession woes: Cost of a pot of soup jumps to N5,000 (2)

With the recent hike in prices of commodities, it now takes an average of N5,000, at least to make a pot of soup that would last a family of four for four days. This could be the amount some households would budget as feeding allowance this time last year for a week. Some families who spare no cost to give the best to their household can spend much more than that.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinions of housewives on how much it costs to make a pot of soup in this present dispensation…



To make a pot of Ofe Akwu (palm fruit soup) that would last for four days, you cannot spend less than N5,500. At least, you will buy meat worth N4,000. If it’s goat meat, it would be more expensive.

This is a traditional one. I do not need chicken. All I need to prepare it is stock fish, which is N500 and dry fish N1,000.

Palm fruit juice, beef or goat meat, scented leaves, ogiri okapi (iru). Fish, onion, pepper and seasoning cubes.



Basically, my soup that would last for four days for a family of four cannot be less than N5,000. That is the minimum. You might spend more on some soups though. To prepare Atama soup, we call it Abak Atama in my place, you should have N6,000., N4,000 for goat meat or red meat. Some families will spend N5,000 on meat alone. It all depends on how many pieces of meat you serve per meal.

Ingredients needed are meat N4,000, ponmo N500, smoked fish N500, palm fruits, dry fish, Atama leaves, crayfish, periwinkles. I prefer the unshelled ones. Maybe three cups of pepper and stock cubes.



I think N4,000 should be enough to make ogbono soup that can last the family of four for four days. It all depends on how the family eats.

The basic ingredients include meat, ogbono, pumpkin leaves (ugwu), dry fish, crayfish, pepper and onions.



N5,000 or more should be enough to make egusi soup that would last for four days for a family of four. The major ingredients are egusi, meat, ugwu. N4,000 should even be enough. You either buy goat meat or red meat. Smoked fish cost N300, egusi N500, stockfish N300, shrimps N400, ugwu N100, ponmo N200. Then pepper, magi and onions.



If not for this recession, I usually budget N5,000 or more depending on how rich I am. I add okro and ugwu to my ogbono soup. At least I spend N4,000 on chicken and meat, the rest for other ingredients.

Ogbono, okra, chicken, beef, ugwu, crayfish, onions, pepper, magi and salt are the ingredients I use.



I spare no cost to make Edikang Ikong soup. I must have at least N7,000. I wouldn’t say everybody should have N7,000, it all depends on what they want to put in the soup. When making mine, I use ugwu, water leaf, beef, assorted meat, dry fish, periwinkle or shrimps. I spend N5,000 for both assorted meat and chicken alone.



I make everything moderate. I use N4,000 or N5,000 to make Afang soup. And it lasts for five days. We eat it every night so, I usually store it in the freezer and bring out in small portions anytime we want to eat.

The major ingredients include okazi, Afang leaves, water leaf, beef, dry fish, crayfish, stock cubes, pepper and salt.



Cooking bitter leaf soup will not take much money. At least N4,000 should be enough. One can use shaki instead of beef, then a lot of fish, both dry and stock.

Some people use both beef and shaki. I prefer shaki alone. Ingredients used in preparing bitter leaf soup are stock fish, dry fish, crayfish, Ogiri Igbo (traditional seasoning), stock cubes, pepper, salt, cocoyam, bitter leaf and palm oil.



Making catfish Nsala or white soup, you may spend more because of the catfish. A big catfish cost N800, the extra big ones go for N1,300. Let us assume the family takes one per day, they may spend N6,000 or N3,200 for fish alone. Dry Utazi leaves, white yam which will serve as thickener, pepper, crayfish, stock cubes, Ogiri Olepi (traditional seasoning) are the ingredients used in cooking Nsala.



Oha soup is native to the South Eastern people of Nigeria. It is easy to make and not too expensive. With a budget of N4,000, your pot of soup would be ready.

To make it, you need Ora leaves, cocoyam, which will serve as thickener, palm oil, assorted beef, dry fish, stock fish, pepper, crayfish, stock cubes and local seasoning.


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