Red Carpet Queens (1) – ANITA ISEGHOHI: Awesome and spectacular choices

THE hub of entertainment is usually awash with events where some of our most elegant ladies adorn jaw- dropping pieces that send hearts fluttering.  And in the last few months, the ceremonies staged in Lagos, the city we love to describe as the centre of chic and wisdom, have attracted some colourful women whose dress sense perch comfortably in Premier League.

From premieres to awards, weddings to concerts, and all manner of ceremonies in-between, many clothes- horses have earned a spot on the best dressed list.  And those who have elevated their style acumen never fail to excite paparazzi with their ensemble.

These last few months have been exciting and soothing and enthralling – with the parade of some of the most gorgeous pieces the mind can conjure on the red carpet.

Welcome to fun…

Her warmth is infectious and good nature heart-warming. What’s more, Anita Iseghohi’s red carpet choices are awesome and spectacular.


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