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Reject jumbo pay, Fred Agbaje tells lawmakers

Constitutional lawyer, Chief Fred Agbaje has scolded members of the National Assembly (NASS) for being insensitive to the reality of Nigeria’s economic situation.

In an exclusive interview with, on Wednesday, June 24 at 10:35 am, the social critic explained why the lawmakers must reject their current jumbo pay:

“The deaf don’t need to be told there’s war going on in the land. Why are our law- makers and political leaders so insensitive? Why must they be told to accept the socio-political reality staring us in the face? Are they from the moon or they are still Nigerians? They know the rate of poverty and hunger bedeviling our political economy. Some states are owing one year salary, others four, seven months and more, yet, they are asking for jumbo pay.

“Even if the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) approved the jumbo pay, common sense ought to tell them not to accept it in the interest of the economy.

“I urge them to reject any jumbo pay, forget any form of allowances and take only their basic salary. At least for now”.

NASS members have been roundly criticized for allocating to themselves about N150 billion per annum. They are receiving over N8 billion as first tranche of their sundry allowance, in addition to their controversial jumbo salary.


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