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Rejuvenated reggae sensation, Majek Fashek ready to explode again + ‘I’m back for good’

Contrary to the rumour that the reggae sensation, Majek Fashek is dying installmentally, ENCOMIUM Weekly can authoritatively tell you that the Rain Maker is very much alive and roaring to move.

In an interview that he granted us in a studio at Isolo, Lagos, the Send Down The Rain crooner told us what he was up to in America, his reason for coming back home and his forthcoming album.


Welcome back to Nigeria, sir.

Thank you.

So, how does it feel to be home?

It feels good.  It’s good to be home once again.

When did you come back?

I came back to support the music industry, young artistes like D’Bling and Africa Movement.  I actually came back some couple of days ago.

What has been happening to you all these while you were away?

I was busy in the United States of America doing productions and other things.  But recently, my elder brother, Black called me to come back home that there were some lands that our family members gave to us that we need to take care of.  Apart from that, I equally came back because of my music and business.

What was your last album?

It was Little Patience.  But we have a new album that we are going to bring out this month or latest next month.  It is entitled, Live Together. It contains 10 tracks.

Under November Records?

No. My brother and I now own a production company called Underground System Production.  So, we produce young artistes.  But what we actually do is to produce in licensing to the recording company, just like it is done in United States and London.  So, what we do is licensing business, and not recording.

You can ask for $10 million for licensing which a recording pays if it is okay by them.  So, you can see that the music industry is growing.

What is your relationship with Charles Novia at the moment?

The truth is that Charles Novia is my boy.  He has always been my fan, even when he was a very young man.  I am like an elder brother to him.  He is no longer representing me as I now have a production company that produce young artistes.

How is your family doing?

My wife is doing very well.  She is a business woman based in New York.

How many children do you have?

I have a lot of children, both in Europe and America.

But there were rumours that you weren’t okay while you were over there?

I was in New York with my family.  And that really helped in my recovery.

Do you still smoke and drink?

No.  I’ve actually reduced the rate at which I take them, just according to my doctor’s advice.  You can see that I am fine.

So, are you back fully?

No.  I intend staying in Nigeria for a year or more.  But I’m based in New York.

But are you back for good?

Yes, of course.  I am back for good. I have come to support the industry.

What should your fans expect from you?

They should expect a blast.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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