REMI TINUBU reminiscences childhood at sister’s birthday

Senator Oluremi Tinubu was full of nostalgia of her childhood recently. The occasion was the 55th birthday of her immediate elder sister, Hon. Lola Akande on Thursday, January 2, 2014. The birthday celebration which took place at Magodo Shangisha (Lagos) had in attendance close family members, close friends and well-wishers.

Senator Oluremi Tinubu, who is the youngest of the five children of her mother, Princess Patience Ikusebiala – who was also present at the joyous occasion, told the audience how her sister, Hon. Lola Akande used to taunt her because of her skinny stature.

She said she slept atop their bunk-bed while her sister slept down and that anytime she offended her she would be using different Yoruba songs to taunt her about her skinny stature. If she made any attempt to respond, her sister would threaten to break her into two.

She said despite their cat and mouse behavior at home, nobody dared touch or beat her outside without getting her sister’s wrath. This was in Ibadan (Oyo), where they grew up.

She said the love between her and her sister extended to their adulthood to the extent that during her college of education and university days, she was living with her (Lola Akande) in her marital home. She also said another person she bonded very well with while growing was their father, who she said taught her most of the leadership traits she is exhibiting today.

Another person who spoke glowingly about the birthday girl was her husband, Dr Kolapo Akande. The husband said when his mother died about 10 years ago, he felt nobody could replace her in his life. But his wife and the birthday girl, Hon. Lola Akande, has more than played the role of his late mother. He said she had his backing before joining partisan politics and seeks his opinions on knotty political issues.

Hon. Omowunmi Olatunji-Edet, a colleague of the celebrant who herself turned 40 recently, also spoke glowingly of the birthday girl.

She said Hon. Lola Akande has been role model to her. She said she (Lola Akande) knows how to dress to suit every occasion and could be generous to a fault. She, however, said that she could be moody at times and that anytime she is in one of her bad moods, she knows how to stay-off.

Other dignitaries that graced the in-house birthday celebration includes Hon. Bayo Adeyeye, the majority leader, Hon. Muhibat Raufai-Adeyemi, Hon. Risikat Adegeye, the birthday girl’s other siblings – Mrs. Helen Oni, Mrs. Bimpe Ishola and Bashorun Rotimi Odugbesan.

Her children – two daughters and son – were also around to felicitate with the mother except Kolapo Akande (Jnr) who left early to return to his US base. Old students of Queens School, Ibadan, the secondary school, Hon. Lola Akande attended were also at hand to jollificate with one their own.




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