Rent skyrockets in Lagos…tenants groan (2)

In spite of the Tenancy Law 2011, rent in Lagos is skyrocketing and tenants are still paying more than one and two years in advance.

Many of them are groaning about the constant increment….


To rent accommodation in Lawanson area of Surulere, specifically a two-room self contained is N200,000. Not often, maybe once in a decade the landlord can request for rent increase, especially when he wants to do something beneficial in the house.


I rented the apartment for N450,000. It is a two bedroom flat. Since I got the apartment about two years ago, my landlord has not asked for a rent increase. I still pay the same amount I was paying since I moved in.


I stay in Ogudu GRA,I got the apartment three years ago. I paid N350,000. I have stayed in the same compound for six years. I was staying in a self contain before moving to the main apartment. The rent has not increased. My landlady is a tough woman but she is kind. Just don’t cross your boundary. Obey all the rules and you will have peace and no increment.


I live in Magodo. I moved there five years ago. I am paying N1.5 million for a three bedroom flat. It wasn’t up to that when I moved in though. The land lord increased the money to N1.5 million last year. At least, increment comes every three years.


I live in a three bedroom flat on Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. I pay N1.3 million. I moved in six years ago. It wasn’t up to a million naira when I got there. Gradually, the rent increased to what it is now. Increment comes every two years. When I moved in, I was paying N900,000. He used to add N100,000 every year. I mean it. He stopped it, shifted the time to two years and doubled the increment.


I live in Surulere and I have been staying there since 2011. I got my three-bedroom for N500,000 per annum, but now I am paying N700,000. The rent has been increased twice since 2011. I learnt that it may go higher by January next year.


I stay in a 3-bedroom in Okupe Estate, Maryland, Lagos. I started with N750,000 in 2010. Now, I am paying N1 million. The rent has only been increased twice since 2010. Our landlord doesn’t stay in Nigeria but there is an agent that we pay to anytime the rent is due. I don’t really feel it because my company is responsible for that.


Lives in a three bedroom apartment in Eti-Osa and pays N1,200,000 every year. There has been no increment since I’ve lived here.


Lives in a three-bedroom apartment with her husband and daughter in Kosofe and pays N400,000 annually.

PASCAL AGULONYE is resident in Ogudu GRA. His rent is N1,000,000 annually for a three-bedroom apartment

GLORY EGBADON lives in a three-bedroom flat at Gbagada and pays N800,000 yearly. Yes, I have been living there for five years now and it has been increased once. When I loved in, we were paying 675,000. Now I pay N800,000 in a year.

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