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Patients recount their agonies

Doctors on strike

Doctors on strike

The agony of patients in all state and general hospitals all over Nigeria is increasing by the day as resident doctors have sworn not to return to work except their demands are met. The federal government on the other hand seems nonchalant to the doctors’ demand.

A visit to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, Lagos and Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi Araba, Lagos, reveals the pains of the less privileged who cannot afford to patronize a private hospital.

Although, consultants are on ground to attend to patients, they only render skeletal services to the growing population of patients seeking medical assistance. ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to some of the agitated patients about their plight.


I was only told what is wrong with me, no prescription of any kind was given to me. Why is our government non challant to the plight of the masses? The masses are always left to bear the consequences of a failed government. I don’t have strength to talk too much, please.


I brought my wife here when she fell into labour, nurses have attended to us. Thank God there is no complication. If not, what will I have done. (Points to the people outside). See those helpless people, I don’t know how they will get treatment here today.


How many consultants do they have here. It is not possible for few hands to attend to all the people here. They might attend to three people and say they are tired. It is not just fair.


I have been here more than five times. I came to see a gynecologist. I was given appointment today since August, now, they said doctors are on strike. Initially, I was placed under a consultant but I have never set my eyes on her. Why are they shouting that consultants are on ground to attend to people?

Look at those people going in, it is only student doctors that have been attending to us in this ward.


I have been here since morning. I have spent more than six hours here. I don’t think any consultant is going to attend to us today. That is what the less privileged suffer in a society where leaders don’t care about the people they are leading.


I have to stop coming. I was here yesterday, two days ago, we were not attended to. I had to source for money so I could take my sister to a private hospital.


I have no comment. I leave all of them to God and their conscience. It is better not to even have a government than this one we have in Nigeria.


Yes, consultants are attending to patients but people are too many. We are not feeling the impact of their service at all. If we had money to go to a private hospital, we wouldn’t be here. I am appealing to doctors to please return to duty. They should consider the plight of the suffering masses. After all, no government officer will go to the general hospital. They rather fly abroad. That is why the government doesn’t care.


It was a nurse that attended to us. I left a lot of people there. I don’t know when they will be attended to.


The crowd has even reduced, a lot of people stopped coming because they were not attended to. Some went to private hospitals while others sought alternative means.

I came back here because a student doctor attended to us. He told us to do a test and come back the following day. God will touch the heart of our leaders.

‘Resident doctors are still on strike’ 


ENCOMIUM Weekly also spoke with the chairman of Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) Lagos State chapter, Dr Francis Fabiyile…

“There is nothing new. I am not sure resident doctors will resume this week. It all depends on the federal government anyway”.

Resident doctors started an indefinite strike on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. The strike was embarked upon after the National Executive Council met at the National Hospital, Abuja. The outcome of the meeting was the strike that kicked off on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. The association embarked on the industrial action as a result of the federal government’s failure to implement their agreement on integrated payroll and personal information system.

Other reasons listed for the strike included government’s failure to produce a blue print on resident training, in conjunction with the association and other stakeholders which would consist of all aspects of residency training, including local training modules, funding and overseas attachments.

They also added in dismay the failure of Enugu State government to implement the Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) for their members in Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, inspite of the implementation of same to a select group in the same institution.

The association also wants all institutions already on the IPPIS platform to be retained and concerted efforts made to identify and correct factors impeding the successful implementation of IPPIS. They also added that no new health institution doctor should be recruited until all anomalies are fully resolved.




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