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‘Resign Now’ – Nigerians tell Saraki

On the heels of the controversies trailing 2016 budget, coupled with the ongoing Code Of Conduct Trial (CCT) of the president of Nigeria’s senate, Dr Bukola Saraki, Nigerians from different ethnic backgrounds have called for the resignation of the embattled politician with a view to avoiding continued delay in the passage of the budget.

‘I think Saraki should quit now’ – Lowo Adegbenjo

“Nigerians are tired of the system already. The plan of Saraki’s leadership of the Senate crashed from take-off. Now, he has a lot of problems on his neck, which will be very difficult for him to resolve. So, his continued stay as senate president will only be working against the interest of the masses. His image is shattered already, no doubt about that. In an ideal society, he ought to have resigned honourably. The budget issue is yet to be resolved and that’s seriously affecting every economic activity in the country. We need a positive change.”

‘The man is only wasting our time’ – Comfort Emem

“I don’t see any reason Saraki is insisting to remain in power as senate president if he’s truly serving the interest of the masses. If I were him, I should have eaten the humble pie. It’s sure, he can’t survive the tide. The best for him is to leave so that we can move forward. I am sure budget issue can’t be resolved unless he’s through with the CCT. And he’s likely to lose out. Then, we will now be back to square one.”

‘Saraki is the one holding the nation down’ – Joe Orji

“We can’t move forward unless Saraki’s case ends. The budget will continue to suffer unless all the crises between the senate and the executive are resolved. Nigerians are tired, Saraki should be removed if he doesn’t want to resign. We can’t continue in this way. The passage of budget has been over delayed. And that has affected a lot of things. Saraki is just holding down the country’s destiny.”

‘He is insensitive to the plight of the people’ – Abubakar Habeeb

“Saraki just decided to turn his deaf ear to the cries of the people. He ought to have resigned since. It’s obvious that his party is against him because of the way he became the senate president. Now, he has also allowed the issue of budget padding compound his case. Nigerians are monitoring how events are unfolding. That’s why some people protested today in Abuja. They wanted him removed. And whether or not he likes it, he must vacate the seat. He’s already an embarrassment to the senate.”

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