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Revival Assembly Ministry celebrates 25

The Revival Assembly Ministry, Ogba, Lagos is 25. In an interview with the General Overseer of the church, Apostle Madubuko, he gave a graphic analysis of the beginning, growth of the church and much more.


When was Revival Assembly Ministry established?

Revival Assembly came to being in October 1990. Prior to that time, the Lord had called me to start a church but  I didn’t heed because I was a successful architect with a big job at that time. I didn’t attend bible school so, I had no training on how to start. My wife was not a typical pastor’s wife so, I needed more conviction. It took years when my wife came to tell me in tears that God had told her what He wanted me to do to start a church for Him. It was a confirmation and we started.

At the inception of Revival Assembly, it was tough! I didn’t have anybody to help me, it was not easy, it was God that did everything. The ministry didn’t start at its present location. I got a place where I paid for two years with my last money. I was told that the place was cursed, but I didn’t know about it. So, from day one, we had to do battle with the devil to clear the place of the curse.

God gave us speed and grace. In four years, we moved to this present location. By December of 1994, we celebrated our first anniversary on this land. It was a miracle! I had no money bag, no millionaire. I had to work for three months after my calling into ministry because I was unsure.

God told me to trust Him that He would take care of me. I gave up the job at hand back then. It was very tough! The devil fought hard, if not for God there won’t be this ministry. I realized that a man’s life is not how easy things go, but the tough times you overcome that make you a man. It’s dangerous to have an easy life. An easy life could show compromise somewhere.

If you are called to ministry also have at the back of your mind that the devil fights you with all things to ensure you give up. With God, battles are won and overcome. If God called you to ministry, wait on God! There is a Jezebel out there waiting to give you power, money, fame, and name. Wait on God, the longer may be tougher, don’t compromise, let God grow your church.

What about the church growth considering the fact that this is your silver jubilee celebrations and who are guests ministers?

Revival started with 20 members and one of them who was with us at the inception of the church is Dr Robert Ampiah Kwofie, a Ghanaian. He will be our guest minister. Thank God for keeping all of us alive to see this celebration. He was with us during our 1st anniversary.

The Lord has also kept some of the founding members, some already have their ministries today. Ministering in songs are Vicky Kitonga (Kenya), Eunice Njeri (Kenya), Anete (South Africa), Eben, Samsong, Freke, One House Band, Essence, Jasperazi, KSB and a host of in house musicians. This 25th anniversary is basically about thanksgiving. We shall thank God for all He Has seen us through. David said, if God has not been on our side, men would have swallowed us up.

What are the activities lined up to commemorate the silver jubilee celebrations?

The Lord has done a great thing hence we must rejoice and celebrate .The silver jubilee celebration is an all weekend long fiesta slated for December 11-13, 2015. Friday, 11 Jubilee concert from 9pm – 6am. It opens with a Friday all night praise concert. Saturday, 12 evening service from 6pm – 9pm; Sunday 13 celebration service, 9am-12pm, then power service, 6pm -9pm.

What to expect?

Three day celebration galore! Praise, worship and inspired word of God. It’s going to be awesome moment with God and as in our usual Revival style, we are prepared to give our guests a wonderful experience even in this festive period.

Revival is a very vibrant church hence our guests are usually amazed and blessed. Revival Assembly is a church with a new anointing. We strongly believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. When we worship on our knees and praise God, His power comes down and His people are blessed, miracles of every kind, healings and breakthrough is released. That is why we are inviting everyone to come and experience God in a different way in our Revival style and I believe their life will never remain the same.

To lead the praise celebration, is the fast rising gospel star Eben, Samsung and a host of many gospel acts. While from the foreign scene, we are having gospel lead acts from South Africa and Kenya to lead in their native songs and dance. It will a great moment with His word, in praise and worship and as we remain in the atmosphere of thanksgiving for all God has done in the past 25 years, we will be ushered to greater blessings in the coming year.

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