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Rice sellers, housewives speak on alleged cheap rice


A couple of weeks back, an alleged tale of cheap rice that would be sold for N7,000 to N9,000 was circulating the whole of Lagos state. However, no one has seen or bought the rice. Nigerians couldn’t identify places where the rice would be sold. Pictures of Mama Happy Rice, Anambra Rice and Okun Rice have surfaced on the social media but not yet seen in the market. 

ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with rice sellers, housewives about the alleged cheap rice…


Rice sellers


I have heard of the local and cheap rice but it is not yet available in the market. I wish I know where to get it because it would move more than the other brands.  I have not seen a sample, anyway.



I have heard of it but still waiting to see it. I was told it would be sold for N9,000. Later, I started hearing that Dangote is bringing his own rice too.



I heard about it and we are waiting to see it. I don’t think it is true because I have not seen it since then. Maybe they are just deceiving us.



The only local rice I have is double that price. It is N17,000 per bag. I have not heard of any other kind of rice. May be the government is planning to bring in cheap rice for us. It will be a good idea really.




I was told about it in my church. That is all. I have not seen it. The locally produced rice I know is sold for N17,000 per 50 kg. I don’t know where people got that information.



I think it is a rumour. If not, it should be available. At least I have not seen anybody buy it. I only heard about it on Facebook. They should please make it available.



Someone sent the information to me on Facebook.  I have not called to make inquiries about it. I can’t say much about it.



I think the problem is production. Maybe the rice is not yet produced in large quantity. I believe if the government steps in, it will be produced in large quantity. Such needs to be grown on a large plantation and it will take time before it can be sold.

The best rice in the market is now Per Excellence followed by Royal Umbrella and then Mama Gold.


Prices of different brands of rice in the market now

Stallion Caprice                 50 kg      N18,500

Mama Gold                         50 kg    N22,000

Royal Stallion                     50 kg    N19,000

Royal Thai                           50 kg    N18,500

Royal Umbrella                  50 kg    N23,000

Per excellence                     50 kg    N26,000

Rising Sun                           50 kg    N18,000

African Princess                 50 kg      N19,000

Rosas                                     50 kg      N18,000

Agric                                      50 kg      N17,500


Alternatives to rice

Rice, the most widely eaten grain can be replaced by other food such as spaghetti, noodles and yam. As a result of sudden increment in the price of rice, housewives have deviced various means of cooking yam for their house hold.

Yam can be made into porridge, fried with sauce or fried and egg, boiled yam and sauce or egg, yam and vegetable, pounded yam, baked yam and cheese, roast yam, yam and vegetable sauce, yam and garden egg sauce, yam and palm oil, porridge with bitter leaf.


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