Ridiculous reasons couple divorce

Couples have different reasons for walking out of their marriage. And there are many silly and funny reasons some husbands and wives tender in divorce proceedings. So, here are some…


  •  An Ikorodu Customary Court, Lagos, dissolved a 25-year marriage, between Olufade and his wife, Olusola (45), over lateness in preparing meals.

The 57-year-old husband told the court that his wife does not cook for him regularly and when she does, the food comes late and it is always tasteless.

“My wife has failed in her matrimonial obligations; she doesn’t prepare my food on time. I have warned her several times but she wouldn’t listen to me. Most times, I go to the canteen to eat when I am hungry. There is no point in harbouring a wife that makes me hungry. In fact, my sister saw me there one day, she was surprised seeing me eat out. See how lean I am now, I am totally fed up.


  •  A 75-year-old man, Mr. Kayode Oguntuase, asked an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court to dissolve his 26-year marriage on allegation of being starved of sex.

Oguntuase told the court that his 53-year-old wife, Felicia, was also sleeping with other men.

He also accused the wife of stubbornness, theft, threats to his life and lack of care for him, adding that, she was also adamant to corrections.

He said, ‘She does not take care of me anymore; she always starves me of sex and also abandons me whenever I am sick”.


  • Adetuwase Adeola a 35 year old trader asked an Igando Court to separate her and her husband of 10 years because he is a lunatic. “At times he will go naked and start breaking bottles in the house for no reason.”

When asked why he does that Bayo said, any time he is angry, he tries to channel his anger in that direction. “We don’t have a history of madness in my family. I am not mad, don’t mind my wife. I still love her.”


  • An Agege Customary Court dissolved the marriage between Salawu 50, and Muibat, 45, because, Salawu always steals his wife’s money.

“My husband is a thief, he use to steal my money. Separate us,” wife tells court. “I caught him stealing my N100 last week, that was not his first time of doing it.”

Stating his own side of the story, Salawu prayed the court to beg his wife not to divorce him.

“I am always playing with her. Though, I took her N100 on two occasions and that was all. The other times she was referring to were just my way of playing with her about how she loves money.”


  • “It was when my husband beat me mercilessly that I believed people truly saw stars whenever they were unconscious. It was my brother who took me to the hospital where I spent two months. That was the reason Chika Okoye gave an Igando Customary Court for leaving her matrimonial home. She prayed the court to dissolve the 12 year marriage between her and her husband, Michael.

“Each time we fight, he calls me a witch saying whenever he intends to start a project and he informed me it eventually fails. He also said if he hadn’t married me, I would have become a prostitute.”


  • An Igando Customary Court in Lagos dissolved a nine-year-old marriage over husband’s poor sexual performance.

The petitioner, Mrs Ifeanyi Samuel, 33, a businesswoman, had instituted a suit seeking the dissolution of her marriage to Moses, on grounds of unsatisfactory sexual performance.

Ifeanyi told the court that her husband had demonstrated lack of capacity to satisfy her sexually in nine years.

“My husband cannot perform well, he is not doing his `job’ at all and it makes me sad. I enjoy going for four rounds. That is when I am satisfied but, he cannot go more than half round,” she said.

The petitioner said that, she forced her husband to go to the hospital to confirm what was wrong with him.

According to her, her husband was always on the road for months, leaving her lonely at home.

Ifeanyi asked the court to dissolve the marriage, saying, she could no longer cope as her love for him had faded.

However, the respondent, Samuel, 40, a businessman said, “I am trying my best to satisfy my wife and I am also trusting God for a miracle. That is my capacity on the bed for now, unless she wants to kill me. I can’t go more than one round”


  • A 67-year-old pensioner, Asimiyu Olayinka asked a Customary Court in Alakuko, Lagos state to dissolve his 26-years marriage to his wife, Fatima, on ground that she sneezes too much. Olayinka told the Court that his wife usually sneezes almost a 100 times a day.

He told the court that he asked her to go to the hospital but her stubbornness will not allow her go. “There cannot be peace in our home except we part ways.”

Even when she wants to give me food, she would have sneezed 10 times, the food is always filled with saliva. I wonder what she sells to her customers who buy food from her.”

However, the wife, Mrs. Olayinka, a 54 year old food vendor denied the allegation.


  • Ten year marriage between Biodun Oloye (48) a welder and wife Bolanle, 45, was dissolved by Mapo Court, Ibadan.

According to Bolanle, her husband is too nice for her liking. “He has not rejected any of my requests before. Even if he doesn’t have that thing, he will promise and fulfil it. I am just afraid that he is not normal, he is too nice. He wanted to beat me once but he couldn’t. He raised his hand and dropped it. I don’t think he is normal, please court, help me.”


  •  Florence Itiamo, a 41 year old teacher, asked an Agege court to dissolve the 12 year marriage between her and her husband, Alex.

According to her, Alex, her husband, is too stingy, “You can’t get money from him except you steal from his pocket. Stealing from him is also difficult because he doesn’t keep money where you will see it.

“I don’t know where he spends his money. You can’t see him buy anything, not even pure water. You can’t see his money anywhere. I don’t think I can continue to cope.”

When asked by the court what he spends his money on, the 44 year old business man said, he was saving it for rainy days.


  • Mukaila Adisa and Kubura ended their 21 year marriage in an Ikeja Court (Lagos) because the husband is a woman.

The 46 year old trader told the court, “I don’t know I married a woman. My husband can nag throughout the day. A simple act of forgetting a cup of water on the table will attract nagging. I have not seen a man nag like that until I married him. He will start in the morning and end it when another offence comes up. if another does not, he will continue till he gets something else to nag about. I was enduring it before, but now, I can’t again. It is really irritating seeing a man do such.”

Responding to her allegations, 48 year old Mukiala said his wife is always behaving as if she is deaf.

“She turned me to a woman, when she doesn’t listen to me. I have to say it over and over again so she could hear what I am saying. She wouldn’t go to the hospital to check her ears. That is the only thing I can do in order to get her attention”.


  • An Ikeja Customary Court dissolved the 10 year marriage between Kareem Waheed, a carpenter and Mutiyat Waheed, a hair dresser.

The wife prays the court to dissolve the marriage because her mother in law has taken over the house from her.

According to her, since her mother in law moved in, she no longer enjoys her home again. “My mother in law has taken over my duties. I don’t have a say in any of my family affairs again. She even dictates what I wear. If I wear this, she will have something bad to say about it until I wear what her heart says.”

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