Ronke Shonde’s autopsy shocker tale – 6 possibilities

The town is agog with the tale that the autopsy – conducted by pathologists from Lagos State University Teaching Hospital on the corpse of Ronke Shonde who was allegedly killed by her husband of eight years and father of her two children, Lekan – may shock all.

And legions are confounded that the case they thought was ‘open and close’ may not go the way they imagined. That the death of the 36 year old woman whose corpse was discovered in their Egbeda, Lagos, home on Friday, May 6 is not as simple as they contemplated.
So, what are the likely possibilities if indeed she was not murdered? compiles the 6 possibilities…
1. She had a terminal disease no one knew about 
There is a suggestion that Ronke may have a terminal disease. And in the cause of the autopsy, pathologists discovered the ailment.It could be a heart, lung or kidney disease, or even cancer.
2. She could have been poisoned 
It is possible that the cause of death was through poison. But who gave her the potion?
3. She could have committed suicide
Since there are reports that Ronke was depressed following the discovery of Lekan’s love child and baby mama, she reportedly went into depression. Coupled with her husband’s alleged domestic violence, torments and embarrassment, was it possible that she took her own life?
4. Sudden death through heart attack or choke
The reported altercation of the night of Thursday, May 5, could have taken its toll on Ronke. And the panic and restlessness as a result of a turbulent matrimony could have led to a heart attack. Also, people have died from accidentally being choked in their sleep. It results from sudden vomit which chokes while one is asleep.
5. She could be pregnant 
It is possible that the autopsy discovered that the human resources manager was pregnant. But who was she pregnant for? The husband or the alleged lover?
6. She was killed accidentally 

Ronke could have died accidentally, may be by slipping or falling. Or through a violent shove.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 17), the autopsy report will be received by the police and family members of Ronke Shonde. The police announced that it will not be made public.

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