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Rose Bretecher’s memoirs reveals x-rated OCD

29 year-old Rose Bretecher’s life has been dominated by lewd visions of nudity since her teenage years.  These visions could be violent or blasphemous but in her case they are x-rated.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is noticeable with relentless thoughts and images rather than as physical activities.

Now free from the visions that dominated her teens and twenties, she wrote her memoir, Pure.  Here, she detailed the first time the vision came at 15 and how it gradually took hold of her all day.

She said, “With OCD, you’re always hoping that something that you do will make it go away. Every day is an attempt to get rid of these thoughts. I would think, ‘Maybe it’ll be gone in a month; maybe it’ll be gone in a year.’ And it never does and then before you know it ten years have gone by.” 

She later went for therapy with a New York based therapist at £100 a week over Skype.

With her book, she says it’s good to talk about OCD and not dwell on it and start living normally.

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