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Rum man travels the world

Ian Burrell,45, who has travelled the world created his own job and now reels in the joy of it.  He goes round the universe to promote rum.  The basis for his love for rum started from his Caribbean home where his parents and grandmother taught him the effective use of rum in many ways, especially as home remedy.

A lover of chemistry, after leaving school Ian got a job in a cocktail bar and was told to create ‘new and exciting cocktails.’  This he did with so much fervor and thought of the ‘spirits as the elements and cocktails as compounds.’  This contributed to the success of the Soho bar where he worked then.

With this achievement, he was introduced to a rum company in Jamaica, J Wray and Nephew, where he was appointed the first rum ambassador in the United Kingdom.  He worked as voiceover artist after this.  His role as a rum ambassador had him educate bartenders about their rums within the UK and even around the world. On his bill, he travelled the Caribbean to gain more knowledge from rum producers, its history and flexibility and he became a global rum ambassador.

Now, Ian undertakes master classes, seminars across Europe, Asia and Australia and even judge cocktail competitions.

 Ian Burrell was born in London (United Kingdom) to parents from Jamaica.

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