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Runaway radio presenter Kemistry Olisameka resurfaces in Brooklyn Radio Station

Says, “Dan Foster ran me out of radio in Nigeria”

CLAIM to fame: Ex-radio presenter with Rhythm FM and Inspiration FM.

Kemistry has been missing from our ear drums for a while now and no one can really explain why except this rapper cum airwaves stunner. The not-so-fat radio presenter explains the reason that she was ran out of radio by her former boss, Dan Foster.

Why did you run away from Nigeria?

I did not run away from Nigeria, I am disappointed in Nigeria so went somewhere where I am better appreciated, where I can be myself and be happier.

What led to your relocating back to America?

I knew I hated Nigeria and my exodus from radio and being called a crack head was the last straw. Plus I wanted to be with my family, family is best and healthy.

There was a time they said you doped and went on air and transmitted rubbish, is this true?

Well, I admit I am a bit crazy when I’m on air. But no I never doped and went on air to transmit rubbish.

Another school of thought says Dan Foster your former boss ran you out of town, any truth in this?

He ran me off radio, yes. But not out of town. Since I was no longer on radio there was no point in me hanging around because that was the sole reason I came back. To work my degree.

Kemi, you are a talented presenter, why would Dan want to run you out of radio?

Some will say he saw me as a threat and purposely frustrated me to get me out of the way.  After all,, he is an American trying to be a Nigerian and I am already a Nigerian with an American disposition. Go figure.  That’s why it important that I take radio to the next level here in America.

How do you mean?

Well, there is a demand for African music and African culture in the States and they need someone who understands Africa to break it down for them.  That’s where I come in with the knowledge I have gained in my seven years in Nigerian radio I can be that ambassador.

So, what are you doing in America now?

Radio, ironically in Dan Foster’s own country. Plus I am bonding with my family.

If you see Dan Foster now what would you say to him?

I would greet him with a smile and say thank you for pushing me into my destiny.  And I forgive him for all the hateful things he has said about me especially telling my mother who bought him a video game that I was a crack head. Seriously, I forgive them all, no hard feelings.

What radio station do you work for?

I am actually collaborating with a recording studio called Goodmoney Studios.  They have a TV and just started an online radio thing, I am here to help raise the roof of the radio department.  They heard about my celebrity status in Nigeria and wanted my star power to gain worldwide fans, hence why they stream online.

Whats the link?

www.goodmoneyradio.com, it’s a work in process.  The site I mean, it will only get bigger and better.

Thank you for your time and good luck.

Thank you too, I have truly gotten over it, I am in a much better place, a star in yankee.


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