Saheed Fawehinmi set to unveil ready-to-wear collection for women

Saheed Fawehinmi, son of the late human rights activist, Gani Fawehinmi is already doting his ‘i’s’ and crossing his ‘t’s’ in preparation for the launch of his ready to wear collection for women. ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with him about the Saturday, October 18 event.

How is preparation for the unveiling of your ready to wear collection for women?

It has been very exciting. I can’t wait to show case it because we have a lot of good wears. I have responsibility to take fashion to another level, so, we are quite prepared.

What should your guests expect that day?

The theme of the show is The African Warrior Princess. The collection will feature a whole range of day to weekend look, we will showcase 56 different looks. Every model that will come out will look different. We are at par with international standard. Our collection is a celebration of femininity. We are paying homage to Africa’s living and dead legends. We are celebrating womanhood. We are celebrating women that were and are great amazons such as Winnie Mandela, Funmi Ransome Kuti, HID Awolowo, even my mother.

How challenging has this been?

It has been challenging and fun as well. I have a responsibility to uplift style, so that when the West looks at us, I want them to reckon with what Africa his doing as well as the House of FAW. Life itself is challenging, so, I wouldn’t dwell on any challenge as such.

You were into male wears before, why women’s wear now?

I trained in women’s wear but I taught myself how to do male wears. Fashion is wide. You can major in any aspect of it. I launched my company with men’s collection. There is a lot of fun, excitement, styles when making women’s wear.

How price friendly are your collections going to be?

We are price friendly vis-a-vis quality. Quality is of more importance. Our wears are couture. They are high fashion, our price is moderate. An average person can come in to pick one of our collection.

Tell us your choice of fabric?

We have a whole range of texture, colours. We try to look at the whole spectrum, ranging from proportion, colour, shape and all that. We work with chiffon, ankara, wool, sequin, a whole variety of fabrics. They are also weather friendly, it is a year round collection.

What is your unique selling point?

I have no competitor. I am in competition with myself. I have technical abilities to cut, sew, sketch and turn out wonderful pieces. I also control a whole lot of artisans I brought up myself.

We are particular about quality. It is our watchword. We inspect all fabrics to make sure they don’t bleed. Our cuttings are also quite fitting, they sit well on the figure.



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