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Sales of bottle and sachet water drop

Water, is no doubt, the most consumed drink globally. But the sudden hike in the prices of consumable water brands in Nigeria has left a lot of people with no other choice than to treat drinking water in their own way. The recession has taken its toll on the prices of both table and sachet (pure) water in Nigeria as Nigerians now buy a sachet of water for N10 and table water N70 as against the old price of N5 and N50. Many households today prefer to get their drinking water directly from the tap without thorough filtering to see if it’s healthy for drinking.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled the opinions of the public on if they still buy table or sachet water more, and how they treat their drinking water.



I now walk around with my bottled water. I can’t afford to waste my money on sachet water. I have stopped buying sachet water since it turned N10 for one. It’s so annoying. Even if everything in Nigeria will double their prices, it shouldn’t be pure water. What I do now is to boil water with my water heater. I normally boil up to 20 litres at once and it will last me for the whole week. I think that’s better than buying N200 per bag of sachet water.



I don’t have an option, I have to keep buying sachet water because I don’t have time to boil water at home to drink and I can’t drink water direct from the tap. I buy up to five sachet water daily. What I can’t spend my money on is the table water, it’s now sold for N70 in my area. That’s a lot of money.



I still buy sachet water to drink.



We still buy sachet water to drink.



We drink from the dispenser.



I don’t boil water but I always buy table water to drink. Right from time, I never liked sachet water even when it was sold for N5 each. I don’t buy it. I have a customer that delivers packs of table water for me. That’s what I normally drink.



I still buy sachet water every day because I don’t have an option. It will be preferable for me to boil water to drink but the power supply is very poor in my area. I dare not use kerosene to boil drinking water when kerosene itself goes for N400 per litre.



Sachet water is just N10 and I even buy it more these days. I don’t boil water because it’s even more expensive to boil water. I drink alot of water and I buy up to 10 sachet water daily.



I have bought water guide to treat tap water at home and that’s what we drink. I have stopped buying sachet water because my kids can finish a bag of it in a day. So, what we drink now is treated tap water.



I don’t even have an idea of how much table water is now because I stopped buying for a long time. I drink sachet water more or tap water. I don’t boil water to drink at all.



I still buy sachet water to drink.



I drink from my borehole. We don’t even boil it. The water is clean and tasteless.


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