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SAMMIE OKPOSO’s wife, OZIOMA itemizes her blessings @ 40

+ ‘My husband is an interesting story’ 

POPULAR gospel music artiste, Sammie Okposo’s wife, Ozioma celebrated 40 on Saturday, February 21, 2015, at Grace Gardens Events Centre, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. 

In an interview with the birthday gal, she did not mince words in itemizing what the good Lord had done for her and where she’s headed.

She told ENCOMIUM Weekly how her matrimonial voyage with Sammie started five years back and more…


Congratulations.  How does it feel turning 40?

I feel fantastic, honoured and blessed.  I feel younger and thankful that His grace is all over me.  He has honoured me with this number of years and I am still looking this good, it has to be the grace of God.  So, I feel really blessed.

What are you most grateful for at this age?

The testimonies I have in 40 years, if I continue counting them now, my thanks can never be enough because God has been awesome and wonderful to me.

You don’t look 40, what is the secret?

I always give it back to God.  He said, “He will renew my strength like the eagle” and He has been doing that.  So, I don’t do anything much but I know I dance a lot and that might be a plus for me. He has always renewed me.  So, I give God all the praise.

What is the greatest lesson life has taught you at 40?

I have learnt to be more patient, more trusting in God, more adventurous.  I have done some things that I do not think I would dare do but it has made me wiser.

Will you say you are fulfilled at 40?

I cannot be fulfilled at 40 because I’m still moving on.  There is still a lot more to do but yes, so far, I am grateful for where I am now. I know there is a lot more.  So, I look forward in excitement about it.

What are you still looking up to God for that He has not done for you?

He knows all I still want from Him.  He does not have to hear it again.

What is your philosophy of life?

Do to others what you want them to do to you.  When God preaches about love and you are living by that, you are already living a life of God and of love.  For me, that is a really big deal.

A lot of people believe life begins at 40, are there things you will change about yourself at 40?

Everyone should watch the space.  I am at His feet and I do not know what He would do next but I know what my vision and my plans are.  So, I am hoping for whatever God is going to do.

It has been five years of marriage, what has been the secret?

Honesty, the foundation has to be Christ because that is who you go to if there is any problem and that is who mends it.  Also, by being a bit more loving, it is not all about the person but the fact that God has put that special love in your heart for that person.  So, the person is not just a husband, but also a father, a child who means everything to you.  He is all that I have seen in a man, so I nurture it, very careful about it, very worried about it.  For me, it is more than just him, it is about me too.

Would you say there has been any challenge so far?

Of course, there would be every day.  There would always be but the most important thing is, who do you look up to when there is a challenge?  And that is what helps us and keeps us.  Like I learnt from my husband, he would say, ‘Leave it, God knows’ and I have learnt to do that and I have also seen it work.  He is the head of the house and the priest in my home.

How would you recall your love story?

It all started at KICC in London.  It went from an autograph to a marriage certificate.

What is that special thing that you can say about him?

My husband is an interesting story.  When you are going to the cinema to see a particular movie and you look forward to the movie, that is what I look forward to in him every day.

Despite his busy schedule, how do you cope?

I am also very busy as well so that helps us.  We are both busy but we find somewhere to meet.

Looking at your complexion and that of your husband, I wonder what was the attraction?

We met in a way where I was his fan so, there was nothing about the skin type.  For me, it was about the talent and his ministration at that time.  When it got to that, it took the grace of God to convince me saying, ‘That is the man’ but it is not an issue.




Chico Ejiro

‘I wish her the very best and I also wish the celebrant and the husband, a long marriage, good health and all the best.’

–               Chico Ejiro



Tosin Martins

Tosin Martins

My prayer for the celebrant today is that, she would grow in wisdom and ideas, live long and be fruitful and to remain a very good support for her husband.’

– Tosin Martins



Dj Gosporella

Dj Gosporella

‘I pray that God will grant unto her all that she wishes.’

–               DJ Gosporella


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