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Sanitation outlaws face the music in episode 9 of Glo’s Professor Johnbull


Sheer dramatic artistry and creative role interpretation is laced with humour to deliver a vital social and moral lesson as well as  entertain viewers in Episode 9 of Professor Johnbull, the Globacom-sponsored, prime time television drama series currently running on NTA networks across the country.

The episode showed the erudite Professor (Kanayo O. Kanayo), the lead character in the TV Series, dashing out of the house to save his son, Churchill (Junior Pope) from environmental sanitation enforcement officers.

He got a report that council officers had arrested Churchill for littering the streets of the city with the leaf–wrappers of  Okpa, a local delicacy in Igbo land.  Efosa (OC Ukeje), who gave the report alluded to the possibility that Churchill might be imprisoned or killed. This alarmed the professor who rushed out of his house with the alacrity of a disturbed man.

When he found his son Churchill, the excoriation started : “ …wanderers , itinerants, never-do-wells, urchins….” ejected freely from the Professors rich linguistic reservoir.

While trying to resolve Churchill’s  problem, Mai Doya’s (Funky Mallam) yam stall was shut for untidiness and Olaniyi was also sanctioned  for not providing a lavatory at his nkwobi  restaurant or “gastronomic laboratory”  according to the professor.

All these became a source of worry for Professor Johnbull who gathered the offenders for a drubbing and paternalistic counsel on the need for clean environment.

This  latest episode, tagged Mobile Dustbin’  was a satire on poor sanitary habits and the need for all to value environmental cleanliness.

The verbosity of the professor was a delight to watch. The comic performance of the rest of the cast like Mai Doya,   who calls Abadnego “ Bad Nego”, Caro (Mercy Johnson Okojie) with her poor English and Olaniyi  (Yomi Fash-Lanso) who is chauffeured around in a tricycle which he calls his Limo, made Episode 9 another rib cracking but educative drama to watch on NTA Network, NTA International and Startimes as the repeat broadcast airs this Friday by 8:30pm.

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