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Sapele stands still as Kefee goes home in style

TEARS flowed freely, the ambience somber with gale of tributes pouring in torrents as the body of late singer, Kefee Obareki Don-Momoh was laid to rest in her hometown, Okpara Inland, Ethiope East local government, Delta State on Friday, July 11, 2014.  The town was practically shut down as music stars, comedians and others stormed Sapele for the burial of the songstress popular with the tag, Branama.

Preceding the burial, however, there was a candlelight and service of songs held on Thursday, July 10, 2014, at Oba Akenzua Cultural Centre, Benin City, Edo State.  Kefee’s corpse arrived Benin City on Thursday, July 10, 2014, for the Service of Songs and the following day she was moved to Sapele, Delta State for the final burial.  The home going service/interment held at Akpevweoghene Educational Centre, Okpara Inland, Ethiope East, Delta State. It was here that her family, colleagues, friends and fans paid their last respects to the late singer.  Her remains were brought into the arena in a white casket surrounded by six pall bearers from Omega Funerals.  A brief lying in state was observed, her casket was opened for people to see before the funeral service which held in the open field.  Entertainers took turns on the stage to pay their last respects.

Journalists were initially prevented from taking photographs.  Later, they were allowed when four of those who went to cover the burial protested.  After the service, the body was taken to her final resting place. Kefee was buried in a beautiful mausoleum near the Akpevweoghene Educational Centre, Ethiope East, Delta State.

After the burial, the party re-assembled for the celebratory event where the entertainers performed till late in the night.  The next day, Saturday (July 12), most of Kefee’s colleagues went for her burial had returned to their bases leaving the Kokoroko crooner to rest in peace.

Kefee Obareki Don-Momoh died on Friday, June 13, 2014, in the US after 15 days in coma, leaving her family (parents and siblings) and husband, Teddy Don-Momoh in grief.  She was 34.


The late singer was full of life when she performed at Gospel Faith Mission House of Testimony, Los Angeles, USA on Sunday, May 25, 2014.  The next day, Monday, May 26, she shot a music video in California, USA.  That day, she was happy, smiling, dancing and enjoying herself on set.  The following day, Tuesday, May 27, she boarded another plane to Chicago (Illinois) for another concert.  It was on this flight that she collapsed.  The pilots were forced to land the plane in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, where she was rushed to the hospital.

She slipped into coma and for 15 days, fans, family and friends kept vigil praying for her until Friday, June 13, 2014, when she died.

‘Farewell, my desire’ – TEDDY DON-MOMOH

...with husband, Teddy Don-Momoh

…with husband, Teddy Don-Momoh

TEDDY Don-Momoh, Kefee’s widower wept uncontrollably when the singer was being buried on Friday, July 11, 2014, in Sapele, Delta State.  Decked in a white ensemble, the popular radio presenter gave a moving tribute to his late wife.

“You were a woman of principle, straight forward, strong willed and determined. You were the symbol of hope.  When I looked into your eyes, little did I know that the end had come.  Death is inevitable but no man desires death at the time it comes.  I am consoled by the fact that you are now in a better place the Lord has made for the righteous of your kind.  Farewell, my desire.  Rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet on the Lord’s appointed time.”

Torrents of tributes as KEFEE is laid to rest

‘We are heartbroken’ – SAMMIE OKPOSO

“Kefee brought peace, happiness and love to the world.  Even we are heartbroken over her death.  We will be comforted by the fact that God knows best and we cannot question Him.”

‘Life is but a walking shadow’ – MOSES OBAKPOLOR

‘Out brief candle, life is but a walking shadow. It’s a tale that signifies nothing.”

‘She would forever be missed’ – ANNIE IBRAHIM

“Kefee taught me a lot.  She taught me how to be fearless and strong.  She taught me not to say my mind at every point in time.  She taught me how to know God even more.  She taught me how to laugh a lot no matter how desolate the situation is. I will miss all about her.  I wept when she was being buried.  Her death was a shock to me.  It came to reality when she was lowered into the grave.”

‘She lives in our heart’ – MALEKE, comedian

“We hold Kefee dearly in our hearts.  Kefee lives on beyond the end of time.  All that live must surely die passing through nature to eternity.  Those who have lived a good life should not fear death but meet it calmly.”

‘I will miss Kefee forever’ –  PRINCESS, comedian

“Kefee’s burial was one of the biggest event in Delta State.  The crowd was unimaginable.  In fact, the town was shut down as people had to climb trees to catch a glimpse of her as she was being lowered into the grave.  Many of her colleagues were also on ground to pay their last respects.  Don’t forget there were series of events.  So, some came in at different times for different occasions.  For me, I will miss everything about Kefee as a friend.  I will miss her forever.”

‘Branama Queen, Kefee lives on’ – I GO DYE

“The demise of Branama Queen, Kefee is a sad development, but we have to take solace in the fact that she wrote her name in gold in the course of her successful artistic career.  For me, Kefee lives on because her songs would give eternal life to her.  Rest in perfect peace, my colleague, sister and friend.”


1. Princess

2. Daddy Showkey

3. Nikki Laoye

4. Sammie Okposo

5. I Go Dye

6. Tosin Martins

7. Azeezat

8. Annie Ibrahim

9. Maleke

10. Nene Soul Diva

11. Aity Dennis

12. DJ Gosporella

13. Linda Etukudo




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