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Saturday evening with Seun Egbeegbe, an encomium.ng exclusive 

​Encomium.ng senior editor spent about an hour this evening (Saturday, November 26) with embattled movie and music promoter Alhaji Kazeem Olasunkanmi Oluwaseun, better known as Seun Egbeegbe, at his Ikeja (Lagos) flat.

Looking relaxed and fresher, the 40 year old father of two children and husband of two wives was with his parents and a number of friends. 

The atmosphere was a bit jolly, with many excited that he was at least not in Kirikiri prison nor hospitalized for taking a poisoned drink as earlier speculated. 

When encomium.ng senior editor was ushered in by his boys and publicist (Abidemi Amzat), there was quite a crowd in his tastefully furnished sitting room. Seun Egbeegbe was surprised to see our editor , but received him warmly.

After exchange of pleasantries, he debunked the tale of detention at Kirikiri prisons, maintaining that his bail was perfected on Thursday, November 24. And he got home at 4:30 pm.

He also denied taking a poisoned drink in an attempt to commit suicide because of the embarrassment of the allegations.

“At least, you have seen me. I am not in prison, neither am l in the hospital,” he told us.

He declined to answer more questions, maintaining that the case is already in court. And justice will take its course (from February 18, 2017, when the case is adjourned to).

Adorning a white tunic and trousers, he was glad to be in the midst of his family and friends this Saturday evening. 

Some of of his friends making merry cursed those they accused of being behind his ordeal, which they labelled a spiritual attack. And prayed that he will eventually triumph in the theft case of 9 iPhones handsets valued at N2.8 million he allegedly stole from Computer Village (Ikeja, Lagos) on Tuesday, November 22 morning. 

Many were drinking and back slapping, as Seun Egbeegbe’s parents looked relieved that all the stories flying around town were at least different from what they are witnessing. 

His father, in an Ankara buba and sokoto, who appears to be in his 60s, was full of prayers.

He prayed, “All those plotting your downfall, will be disgraced. Those behind evil machinations, will not triumph.”

His father enjoined his son to be careful and circumspect. 

Many of these at his Ikeja flat were busy snapping pictures with him.

Encomium.ng left after about an hour.

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