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See the foods that boost libidos

There are several food products that can boost one’s sex drive. Some are said to be found in ice cream and others in tea.
There are claims that drinking Birch water increases  libido. It is good for hydration and it’s low in sugar. Birch water has its benefits – it reduces cellulite, flushes out toxins and cures arthritis which will put you in a better mood for sex.
Green tea has also been found to boost sex drive. Green tea, which has a lot of health benefits increase dopamine levels in the body thereby putting you in a better mood.
The fresh stir-in basil pesto nut, which is rich in zinc is also a very good libido booster. People with higher zinc level in their system generally have increased sex drive. Zinc is play a major role in the production of testosterone, while lack of it causes erectile dysfunction.
Studies at the University of Texas, USA, found caffeine (found in coffee) contains a stimulant that puts female in the mood for sex. It was noted that people who drank coffee a day were 42 percent less likely to have erectile dysfunction. However, there’s a down side to it  – taking too much coffee has its other health issues.

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