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See where Bridget was beheaded in Kano

Kofar Wambai Market, Kano metropolis, North west of Nigeria, was where Bridget Patience, an Igbo trader dealing in plastics, was murdered in the afternoon of Thursday, June 2, in the most gruesome manner.

The trader was beheaded by fanatics who claimed she was blasphemous. There were reports of an argument over religion, and she upset the fundamentalists who wielded dangerous weapons and mutilated her. Her severed head was even paraded.
Her husband was said to have been saved the same fate.

Here are aerial images of the market…

Press statement by Women Arise

The Women Arise for Change Initiative (WA) condemns in its totality the gruesome murder, through beheading, of Mrs. Bridget Patience by some youths alleged to be Muslim worshipers in a Kano market on Thursday.

We received the news of this barbaric act with disbelief and disdain. We are particularly saddened that an innocent woman could be so murdered in broad daylight over such a flimsy allegation of blasphemy which was even unproven while as of the time she was murdered in cold blood.

It is so disturbing and disgusting that after almost 24hours that this heinous crime was been perpetrated, there has been no categorical statement from the either the Kano State government or any local authority as we even understand that none of the perpetrators has been arrested let alone, paraded.

There is no Justification whatsoever for anyone to take laws into their hands or take the life of another under guise of religion. We wish to state that actions like this and the unwarranted silence by the authorities are capable of promoting anarchy within the society and must therefore be curtailed immediately through government’s decisive response. This curious silence emboldens the perpetrators who will now go to town with chest high as heros.

While condoling the family of the late Bridget, we demand unequivocally that the government must immediately fetch and bring all the perpetrators of this dastardly act to justice without any delay. Justice must be served to the memory of the late woman in the very shortest time.

We shall not relent in our effort at demanding justice for the late Bridget Patience and every other victim of barbaric murder as this one.

Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin
Women Arise.

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