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Segun Oniru did not dump me, cries Toyin Lawani

Princess Ajoke Toyin Muyinat Lawani, the popular Lagos stylist and socialite, who is alleged to have dated Prince Segun Oniru, the Lagos State Commissioner for Waterfront Infrastructure, has denied she was dumped by the prince.

Miss Lawani, in an exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly agreed that she actually dated Prince Segun Oniru, but said they are no longer dating. Her words:

“The whole of Lagos knew we were dating each other. So, what is the big deal about that?” Are you still dating each other, we asked. “No. We are not dating anymore, she responded.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Why did you stop dating each other?

Toyin: I don’t want to talk about that.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Is he the one you had your daughter for?

Toyin: No. A lot of people knew I used to be married and I had my child when I was married. I did not have my child out of wedlock. Please, I don’t want to talk about it anymore. (She switched off her phone. This was on Friday, June 28, 2013)

On Saturday, June 29, 2013, we sent text messages to her again which went thus:

ENCOMIUM Weekly: We learnt that it was Prince Segun Oniru that dumped you because he got to hear that you were having affairs with music stars, Da Prince and Wizkid. How far is this true?

Toyin: Hahaha, very funny again, all those you named are my clients. No 2, Prince Oniru never dumped me. No 3, you all should always investigate your stories well before you write anything if not, you will surely be hearing from me.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: It is in line with investigative journalism that we are asking you all these questions in the first place.

Toyin: I will appreciate if you all can kindly leave me alone for God’s sake. And with the way you soft sell magazines are going you will never get any truth or any interview out of me because all you people write all day are lies and lies about innocent individuals.

I am sure because I don’t talk, you people don’t know my family background at all. You don’t know who to send threat (sic). I am from a royal home. My grandmother was the Oba of Ekiti while my grand dad was former Minister of Health, Babalola. My dad was former Commissioner of Police, Yisa Lawani and current adviser to ex current adviser (sic).

So, when you finish writing your lies you will have all these people to deal with. I have warned you. If you want a proper interview, go through my PRO. Stop acting desperate, ok.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Did you say your grandmother was Oba of Ekiti? Which town in Ekiti and what is her name? Who is your PRO. She did not respond again.

We also sent some text messages to Prince Segun Oniru. These are the text messages:

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Sir, what is your reaction to the news that you are dating one Toyin who has now left you for another person?

Prince Oniru: There’s no truth to any of Toyin Lawani’s story. You may ask her if you wish.

ENCOMIUM Weekly: Sir, we just spoke with Toyin Lawani and she told us you dated her but not anymore. She said, it is not true that you dumped her because you suspected she was dating Da Prince and Wizkid. What is your reaction to all of these?

Prince Segun Oniru: (He called rather than texting us back) Tolani, what is all this about. Do you realise I am a family man and a commissioner in this state?

ENCOMIUM Weekly: We are trying to balance our story by asking those involved.

Prince Oniru: I don’t care. If you publish anything and I see my name in it, you will know who I am in this Lagos.

She (Toyin) can say whatever she wants to say but don’t just involve my name in it. I am a family man and I have my family name to protect. (He cuts off).

The alleged crashed romance between Prince Segun Oniru and Toyin Lawani, has been trending on the social network in the last two weeks, when Toyin Lawani posted on her instagram account that she was engaged to a man 10 years younger than her.

The information shook many society buffs, who allegedly knew about her sizzling romance with the prince of Lagos. Many alleged that Toyin dumped the prince after she had made enough money from him.

Others alleged it was the prince who dumped Toyin, when he discovered that she was dating young artists like Da Prince and Wizkid. She denied romancing the artists and claimed that they were her clients.

This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, July 20, 2013





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