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Senate suspends Chiwetalu Agu over Professor Johnbull’s petition on Sorting Things

Globacom-sponsored television sitcom, Professor Johnbull took laughter and satire to greater altitude in the third episode, Sorting Things, which aired on Tuesday night on NTA networks on DSTV, Startimes and terrestrial stations.

The episode was anchored on Sorting, a pseudonym for moneyformarks practice common in Nigeria’s higher institutions.

But the way the drama treated the matter, shows that finally, Nigeria has a drama on national television that would make them reduce tension through  laughter that wells up naturally from the bowel of the heart; yet, it helped the audience to pick up useful,  moral values.

The episode opens with the disturbance of the peace at Professor Johnbull’s residence. The commotion was brewed by  a model wanabe, Janet Jumoke who was determined to gain access to the professor’s compound to flaunt her shape and  new dress.  Janet later became the private lesson teacher to Professor Johnbull’s illiterate housemaid, Caro.

Unfortunately, Caro felt she could not stand Janet taunting her for being a slow learner, particularly after both had been involved in a fisticuff. Flash Boy who had also bribed his teacher, Professor Gozie, played by Chiwetalu Agu, for higher grades, then advised Caro to bribe or “sort” Janet her teacher in order to help her convince the Professor of her academic prowess.   But Professor Johnbull exploded when the deal was exposed by Janet. The Erudite Professor wasted no time in lambasting the act in a thunderous oratorical expression.

Phrases like “arrant plagiarism, environmental idiocy, intellectual piriri parara, educational higgledy piggledy” were released by the Professor.  Her daughter, Elizabeth joined her retired teacher-father to release some high-sounding words.  It was great entertainment, especially as the Professor openly revealed to the community that there was a love affair between Carol and Olaniyi (Yomi Fash-Lanso), the pepper soup expert. Proving that nemesis would always catch up with anyone who perpetrated evil, Professor Johnbull announced that Professor Gozie was already stewing in his own juices as the University Senate had suspended him for demanding and accepting bribe from Flash, based on a petition, he, Professor Johnbull wrote.

The interwoven plots and dialogues were indeed rib-cracking. Observers say that the programme is getting better and better since it debuted three weeks ago.

The programme broadcasts on Tuesdays at 8.30pm on NTA network on terrestrial stations, NTA International on DSTV channel 251 and Nta on Startimes with a repeat broadcast on the same channels at the same time. The star-studded cast includes Kanayo O. Kanayo, Mercy Johnson-Okojie, Yomi Fash-Lanso, Queen Nwokoye, Junior Pope, Funky Mallam, Bidemi Kosoko and Chiwetalu Agu, among others.

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