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Seun Egbeegbe under a spell, onlookers claim as iPhone theft goes viral


Many onlookers have claimed that the alleged theft this morning  (Tuesdays, November 22) of 9  iPhone handsets by Seun Egbeegbe  (estranged lover of star actress Toyin Aimakhu) was not ordinary. That the producer accused of stealing at Computer Village (Ikeja, Lagos) around 10:30 am  must have been under some kind of spell.
Or perhaps, he was acting a movie.
Reports claimed that he was about escaping in a jeep when he was apprehended, after he pretended to be getting money from the vehicle. After being caught, he was beaten and later handed to the police.
Here are some arresting comments…

  • sonriskyDis is not ordinary eye o
  • ummnaeemjayWaaaat!
  • sonriskyMoney don finish?
  • iamuncleoluThis movie is going to sell
  • natimon3logy@topnotchrimi@helenlove23 @iammzroyal @curvie_vixen my God, he messed up finally, now who is to be blamed? The DEVIL as usual.
  • streetkitchenbysisifunmiNo be ordinary eye be dis… no owo aiye
  • olajumokepromise…..
  • herleemah31_@officialcharmoAccording to the story she left her ex-husband because he cheated. Rumour has it that this guy is a professional armed robber happy for her that she had left him before now,Trust trolls they won’t spare her 😂😂😂 tbh it’s better to stick with a cheat in her own case😭😭😭
  • yoyinsolacuttieWahala dey
  • mitchelle_vinThis is so shameful
  • queeniejessytrinaWhy drag Toyin into this. Let the woman be abeg.
  • lucky_charm_kThis is what they call lobatan 🙆
  • alero_bzmiSo so humiliating
  • busolachubbyArewa so ur broda na jaguda 😂@arewaartistry
  • niokekeI can’t believe ds oo 🙇🙇
  • taiwosinatraGuy! Which kind fuckcup u go put ursef like this!
  • laz_law1This must be a movie
  • hawtt_iceDating this guy is one of the greatest mistakes Toyin Aimakhu ever made in her life. Chai!!
  • lade_diamondWhat is Owo aye??hv u all forgotten “everyday for d thief,one day for d owner”stop ds “owo aye” abeg! Nt all glitter is gold,sm girls might learn more frm ds……#shame!!!
  • sexymaggiemayThis most be a movie
  • magicmarabelDid he think he was acting a movie?😂😂😂😂 Africa Magic Yoruba😅😅😅
  • mrdway00So real I was there this morning ,isale oro ma legbin oh
  • darmmiiee@foxygyaldeeI’m so happy Toyin has dis-associated herself from him before this happened. Imagine the shame he would have brought on her
  • hahderfunkehKarma is a bitch, u get served exactly what u deserve. More humiliations coming ur way man, ole jati jati!!!
  • sirkimmie101Oga ooh! I’m short of words
  • skk_signatureK-A-R-M-A!!!
  • creamyforeverOh law of karma . Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Nemesis
  • bhee__xxoThis is the most humiliating thing ever
  • frickydejjYou pple dnt want broke niggas na,see guys dey force effizy….me sef wan go move one iphone 7 and 2 vettu phones for my IG crush@mzbubblez33recession is d new excuse🏄🏄🏄🏄
  • mrs_boss1So Toyin’s husband is a thief😂😂😂😂😂😂Chisos am dead 🙆🙆🙆
  • bimbola_babsImagine!!! karma.. the other day he was running his mouth
  • iamtemmypretty😳😳😳@toluwakin come n see something oooo
  • yemisi211…ise aiye ni o if this is true@sept14_concepts
  • stargeh_teepeethis is bad
  • lawreeyaIs this not the same guy that talks like falzthebadtguy ni 😕
  • amaamaa00Oh Lord@titilopebalogun come and see o, I can’t beriv this.
  • quin_arewaa.. Seun egbegbe thief
  • 21@damilolah____ahdonbilivit😱
  • pablito_escoba@mrs_boss1read what’s on this page well and you will find out
  • modereh@adebisisame thing he did at ur store den.. this is not his first time..with same format
  • cashempireofficialIphone7 madness 😂😂😂😂 I brought mine 360k oga go get a life n buy watin hungry u than stealing
  • sexyjamielHmmmmm just passing sha
  • mssododoWoooooooow! So shocked to my bones 😨
  • o_laberryBuhari! Buhari!! Buhari!!! How many times did I call u?! See Wot u have caused na
  • king_ladiva ..iriri aye ree ooo@mzfrisky
  • bolly_bee28I don’t bliv this or are they acting a movie@alisha_romeo
  • vcandy12Oga Range Rover, u see ur life?….. They should also investigate him on that his Range Rover….. Maybe he stole it.
  • thealphamagMehhn this guy don downgrade…e better make u get sextape than this.
  • champaign_pappiThis is Yoruba juju at work! Somebdy Just wanna destroy this man, who does this in computer village of all places?
  • 4ever_ejayJesus nah wah oo this one nah karma oo n he dey always dey run he mouth
  • amoke_alasoebi@iam_da_queen_mothercome watch movie oooo “egbegbe phone”
  • tizzy_slimchicThis can’t be true…maybe they are shooting a scene
  • oyinade_16@dabishopdr3adwhat r u doing here😩😂
  • tessyamaSee how this one is disgracing Toyin upandan…. Can’t even believe she dated dis guy!
  • ritstruc.. hope he’s in his right senses😏
  • maccharry@abokiiithe fact is Yhu don’t know him, en I tell Yhu, this guy have the damn money to afford all these shits 40tymz. If he involves in this then it must be a silly. I think something is wrong somewhere in this case. I repeat#IphoneMoneynobeProblem..jstpassinby
  • demmyReally??? I’m sure something went wrong somewhere.
  • poshfacesOjo gbogbo ni to ole ojo kan ni to ni wu
  • atinuke_omowunmi_ereluI can’t believe this
  • kigholisaWow i don’t believe it 😯🤐😮
  • kojoexclusiveLobatan
  • tosin_ashaoluDz can’t b true,in computer village/other places u must ve paid for a phone b4 dey can give it 2 u….d display samples they have are not even d real phones
  • basedonlogisticsJust imagine this idiot that was denting Toyin’s career. See what life is now Egbe? You see why I tell people Karma must get back to you? And people actually believed everything this idiot said about her. Lock him up and let him serve time in jail. He was lucky they didn’t kill him via Jungle justice
  • mustyk007This guy don fall@aimakhuolutoyin …. Karma is a bitch I swear
  • sweetpaparazzibabeThis can’t be true
  • iamqueenjbankYou people should stop including toyins name jare
  • teelabsEyi loud oh@missariyo @nkemdirim02 😳😳😳it fit be movie oh and if it’s real then it’s not normal 😢😢😣 he should apologise to everyone he has offended in the past .
  • oyinfabulousity@instablog9jay add @aimakhuolutoyin name to this story? So every time this mumu’s name pops up, u will add toyin’s name to d story abi? You want her to sue u for defamation? Stop tagging abeg. Respect this artists biko. They r human beings just like u and me! #EnuffSaid #My50kobo
  • konyrepublicNa movie scene jo
  • oluwabankoleYoruba juju at work
  • dihalao_I don’t believe anyone would allow you take an iphone 7 or any other phone away from the store without payment.
  • khareem_obrainHe don misf*ck., He cud have cheated a woman and she’s not ready to forgive him#ThoseProducersTho.. afroJuju at work … who dis man offend way no forgive Am … may we never experience such in our life 🙏 @acetrendofficial@timmcro_ods abeg small small wd ladies oooo 😜
  • realprizeokoliHow do u allow someone leave your shop with phones without paying ??? Lool I trust my Igbo boys in computer village 😂😂😂 All that fufu isn’t for nothing
  • tgold727So surprise oga ooo
  • dihalao_@ddy_whyteexactly, nobody go allow you carry phone commot for C. V w/o payment know how notorious that place is.
  • yommiegirlThis is more shocking than Donald Trump winning Usa election. OMG!!!!! Hmmm mmm chai@princessmoturayo get in here
  • peacemaker590His juju failed him.Yoruba people can be full of surprises
  • mycutie23Jesus
  • jalla29If dis neva happened in ma presence i wld av z it’s jus a LIE…..uhmmm oga o
  • edy_yongthis is a big shame,and they dragging toyins name in d shiiit
  • geeey@emiene_someone said yoruba people can be full of suprises😂
  • akinyemialabi@bolaji_bitanwhat a shame. He used jazz on the other sales girl

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