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Seun Egbeegbe’s iPhone theft disgrace: Did he have more than N2 million in his car?


The alleged theft of 9 iPhone handsets by movie marketer and socialite Seun Egbeegbe on Tuesday, November 22, 2016, in Computer Village  (Ikeja, Lagos, has thrown up more questions, found out.
Many are asking if the estranged lover of Nollywood star actress Toyin Aimakhu actually had over N2 million in his car as he claimed.
An iPhone 6 costs between N170,000 and N180,000  (and he took 7, which totalled between N1.19 million and N1.26 million). The iPhone 7 is between N397,000 and N406, 000 (and he took two, totalling  N794,000 to N812,000).
The value of the 9 iPhones is between N1.98 million to N2.072 million.
So, the poser is, did Seun Egbeegbe have more than N2 million in his car? Did he show his accusers the money? Did he tender the money at Area F Police Command in Ikeja?
What’s more, who takes such a huge amount of cash around? Couldn’t he have loaded his account with the cash and paid with an ATM card (debit card)?
The news of Seun Egbeegbe’s alleged theft of 9 iPhone handsets went viral on Tuesday, November 22, with claims that he had attempted to run away after lying to the sales boy at Kaalcech Innovation and Consultancy on 9, Medical Road, Ikeja, that he was going to get the money for the handsets in his car. A mob accosted  and battered him before policemen arrived.

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