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Seun Egbegbe begs Toyin Aimakhu – ‘You are a star actress’

Seun Egbeegbe, the movie maker former lover of star actress Toyin Aimakhu appears to have forgiven her, and has acknowledged that she can be given movie scripts by producers.

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The controversial former love birds were in a bitter spat following a misunderstanding that she claimed he kidnapped her.
The episode degenerated, and led to many outbursts from the producer.
He reportedly once claimed that the actress, whom he had dated for 15 years before she married Niyi Johnson, was insatiable sexually.
More damaging claims were spread afield, including a note of warning that no producer should have anything to do with her. But today, the matter appears settled with his post on Instagram..

When we checked the instagam account at 5:30 pm on Monday, May 16, 2016, the post was no longer there.

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