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Sex in high places: Ex-Governor, successor at war over mistress (2)

  • Randy traditional ruler who sleeps with girls without condom exposed


RIGHT from the Biblical era, the issue of sex has always occupied the front burner, and even cost some great men their chummy relationship with God.  Remember Samson, remember David…the list goes on and on.

And currently in Nigeria, in one of the South West states, a replica is currently being witnessed, where a godfather and his godson are now at war over a mistress.

The mistress who shares the same first name with one of the most celebrated beauty queens ever to emerge from this divide is ebony skinned and endowed with a heavy back side which all her admirers can’t take their eyes off.  Married but separated, she trained as a lawyer and works in one of the most lucrative ministries in the cosmopolitan state.

Hitherto an item with the godfather who once governed the state, she has transferred oga’s food to his godson, which the man is not finding funny.  We even learnt that when the godfather got wind of their secret affair, he ordered his godson to sack her, but till date, no action has been taken on that.

As would be expected, the no-action stand really infuriated the man to the extent that it may contribute to why the godson may not ultimately get a second term ticket.

The state in question is central to Nigeria and the embattled governor’s name is R while that of the godfather is A.

The other sex scandal which is gradually becoming a well known fact, but only in high places, involves a cerebral traditional ruler in the South East, who used to run one of the most successful companies in Nigeria, until some unwise decisions led to his exit.

The Igwe, whose first name begins with alphabet F, enjoys sleeping with young girls, but without condom.  One of his victims told us that after their first meeting, the man asked her to go and see his doctor, who after certifying her to be HIV-negative, informed the man. From there, an appointment was given, and on the agreed date, the girl visited a hotel where a suite had already been booked, and without much ado, their bed matter was passionately sorted out. After that, the girl was settled and that was the end of the case.

We gathered that this is the man’s modus operandi, and that all the girls who have so far graced his bed were also subjected to that.  “Nothing changes that,” concluded one of his close friends.



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