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Sex in high places: Nymphomaniac businessman’s wife dumps husband for ex-soccer star (1)

…Top politician’s wife smashes head of mistress’ hubby 

STRANGE things now unfold and unfurl on a daily basis.  Especially in most marriages.  Two, however, currently stand out.  The first one concerns the pretty wife of a multi-millionaire Igbo businessman who is experiencing difficult times and instead of the woman to persevere with him, the nymphomaniac is currently frolicking with a dashing and smooth-talking ex-international soccer star.  This woman’s name begins with letter A while that of the footballer is J.  The former is Igbo and the latter Yoruba.  The star footballer turned businessman divorced his foreign wife many years ago and since then has embarked on what could be dubbed a census of all the available girls and married women.  The woman, on the other hand, looks very much like her deliciously beautiful daughter who not too long ago married another celebrity.  And barely months later was blessed with a bouncing baby boy.

Hitherto married to one of the richest men in Igboland (they are from Anambra actually), the woman who is in her 40s, and her abandoned husband in his 50s, they have four children.  The estranged husband’s first name is Ikechukwu.  He built one of the first underground houses in the east and used to be part of a successful trading company with the initials of the three owners of the company.  They used to be into a lot of things and made so much waves that the late Oliver de Coque and Osita Osadebe documented their praises for posterity.  The businessman who is still bitter over the way and manner things have turned out for him shunned the eldest daughter’s recent wedding in protest.  In fact, many people have described what the daughter went into as a non-marriage.  Not only that, a man will not be alive while an outsider gives his daughter’s hand out in marriage.

The other story involves one of the highest ranking officials in Abia State.  The man whose first name begins with C is married, but still engages in ‘outside show.’  The new one which he just initiated with one of his police orderlies, a gorgeous lady, recently landed the lady in a hot soup.  In a fit of anger, his aggrieved wife smashed a pointed shoe on the lady’s head and blood flowed freely in the man’s office.

A source told us that the woman had gotten whiff of what was going on (and is still on) between her husband and the lady.  And when she could no longer take it, she decided to go physical.  On the day of the said incident, the woman acted as if she was possessed as she wasted no time in inflicting the mortal injury on the tormentor of her marriage.  Pandemonium reportedly broke out. But at the end of the day, what looked like peace was resolved.

The lady was taken to the hospital and treated.  And thereafter transferred.  But even that has not quenched the flame of her unholy relationship with the man.

In fact, the latest on the red-hot love story is that the man placated her with N10 million cash, a brand new Murano jeep and other goodies.  Even the girl’s family got N5m to hush them up.

Shockingly, this politician who is a chronic womanizer and constantly quarrels with his wife over women has promised this police lady that he would make her his first lady once he becomes the governor of the state.

And everybody is now waiting to see how that would play out.



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