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Sex is no longer fashionable among couples as hardship reigns

A lot of couples have shunned sex due to the prevailing recession the country is battling. With no food on the table, most men hardly think of touching their wives. sampled opinions of couples  to find out if their sex life is as functional as before.


Mrs. Oluwafunke

Sex is usually the last thing on my mind.  I go to bed tired and worn out. The last thing I will think about is sex. I slapped my husband one day when he started touching me. I was having a nightmare and thought the sensation I was feeling was from my dream.   I didn’t know when I slapped him. I had to ask, were you the one I slapped just now?.” It wasn’t funny that day, I had to tender series of apologies and that was the end. The country is too tough now, my sister. Stress is on a high level.


David Johnson 

That was before when there was money and food at home. I don’t even have the energy to do that regularly again.  I hardly eat two times a day now because of recession.


Tunde Ahmed

Sex is not my priority for now. I have attempted it with my wife twice and she insulted me. She asked me the last time I gave her money for housekeeping. She asked if I had paid the house rent and the children’s school fees. I had to respect myself and changed my position.


Isaac Adefola

Sex shouldn’t be an everyday thing.  It should just be once a while.  The rate at which I engage in it has reduced drastically.  I have to think of how to feed my family and pay our bills before I think of pleasure.  I can stay for two months or more without having sex.


 Jide Ilori

I don’t usually initiate it since recession started.  My wife has really been of help to me since recession started, so, I am going at her pace. If she wants it, fine

If not , it is okay with me. Unless I see her in a very joyful mood. If not, I don’t bother her about it.  I have put her through a lot in the last one year.  She is the one practically financing everything.


Kevin Kehinde

It is just once in a while we have sex. I am usually tired at night.  After work, I have another small business I do which I have to attend to every day. Even if it is just one hour I spend there , it would fetch us some money at the end of the month.


Bimbo Elizabeth

Recession or no recession, I don’t like sex. I just give in so as not to punish my husband.  I can stay for months without having sex.


Afam Felix

A lot of families have reduced the frequency at which they have sex because of recession . A friend of mine has been having issues with his wife because of that. The wife doesn’t give in to him as much as before . She’s always quarreling that he doesn’t leave money for the house upkeep, so he shouldn’t ask for sex.


Joseph Peters

It is just once in a while we have sex. My thing doesn’t rise like before again. I don’t have money to eat good food, so it can’t rise. It is only when I eat and belly full that I would think of sex. I am still owing school fees and  house rent , the least of my worries now is sex.




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