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Sexy singer, SEFIYA serenades fans with Lollipop + ‘I want to be a household name’

VIDEO vixen, singer, model, actress and entrepreneur, Sefiya Ibrahim is sexy, sassy and gifted with a sonorous voice.  Born in Kano to a Bende, Abia Muslim dad, the Afro-pop sensation is now making waves in the music industry.

In this exclusive interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, conducted on Friday, April 4, 2014 at O’jez, Ikeja, Lagos, Sefiya recounts how music started for her.  She also explained what is unique about her style; why her songs are in hot demand and where she is headed…




Who is Sefiya?

Sefiya is Nigeria-born Afro-pop singer. I’m also an actress, model, video vixen and entrepreneur.  Sefiya is an Islamic name. It means purity.  I was born in Kano State.  My dad is a Muslim.  My full names are Sefiya Ibrahim.

Where are you originally from?

I am from Bende, Abia State.

How did music start for you?

That was a long time ago, when I was pretty young.  I started singing as a child.  I actually got inspired by my brother. I had this feeling that I can do it since my brother was also in it.  When I came to Lagos, I started modeling.  Professionally, I started music not long ago.

How has it been so far?

Music has been good to me. It has been interesting and challenging as well.

You just returned from South Africa, has the shows been really coming?

Yes, we are getting there.  My music is generally being appreciated.  I’m regularly booked for shows.  Like you rightly said, I had a show in South Africa. I also entertain fans here in Lagos.  So, it has been good. I recently performed in Osun State for NUGA games.

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on my promotional singles in preparation for my debut album.  I’m also working on some collaborations with some of my colleagues in the industry.

When is your album dropping?

Later in the year or early next year.

How many singles do you have at the moment?

I have recorded over 20 songs, but we are currently promoting only five.

There is this one you call Lollipop, what is it all about?

Lollipop is sweet.  Sugar pie is sweet.  Everything is sweet.  We love sweet things, don’t we?  So, the song is about love.  I have also produced Love me jeje and Have fun.



Which of them did you shoot in South Africa?

Lollipop.  It was directed by Godfather Productions.  I’m so, so proud of the song because it is enjoying massive airplay on local and international TV and radio stations. And I really thank my fans for the love they have shown me so far.  I promise I won’t let them down.

Getting Godfather Production to shoot your musical video is no mean feat, how did you raise the funds?

You can ask that again.  I’m in business. And it is show business for that matter.  This is just a tip of the iceberg.  Sefiya is launching out big!

Still on collaborations, we learnt you are discussing with Flavour in this regard?

Yeah, Flavour is big.  We are going to do a collabo soon.  My management would be discussing with him.

There are a whole lot of equally talented female music stars in the country, what separates Sefiya from the rest?

I think I’m different from any other artiste, male or female because of my style.  We are not the same, my voice, my attitude on stage, body size and lot more are unique to me.  Sefiya is Sefiya.

So, you are not afraid of competition?

That’s why I said the only competition I have is me.

You are also a video vixen?

Yeah, I have worked for most of Nigerian music stars including Bracket, Davido, Sauce Kid, Ikechukwu and many other artistes too numerous to mention.

What do you treasure most in Sefiya?

Her voice (laughs).

You also look beautiful, what do you do to stay in shape?

I take a lot of water and I walk out.

Can you share your beauty routine with us?

I give my face a treat every morning. I massage my face, allow it dry and then wash it off. I use Mac and Mary K products.  I do pamper my skin a lot of times.

What about your sense of fashion?

My fashion sense is ‘new school’ (laughs).  It’s simple, funky and sexy.

What is your love life like?

I’m just focusing on work for now.  I need to achieve a whole lot before talking about love.

When the time comes, who would be Sefiya’s ideal man?

A very hard working and God fearing man.

Where are you headed?

In few years to come, Sefiya should be a household name in the music industry.  That’s my ultimate dream and ambition.

–         UCHE OLEHI

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