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Shades for Aisha Buhari on lion, jackals and hyenas tweet

Reactions have trailed the president’s wife, Aishat Buhari’s comment on Shehu Sani’s post. Nigerians have started asking if she was referring to them when she mentioned ‘weaker animals’. 
Below are comments of aggrieved Nigerians on twitter…

Screenshot_2017-07-12-17-04-43Shamsu SimK @Simk36 said 

‘So we’re all animals in Aisha Buhari’s eyes? wonder what type of animal Saraki is to her

Lawrence Modebola @lawsbollnews said: 
‘Good morning Weaker Animals, may the LORD make all stronger. The jackals, Hyenas and the Hyenanas should get theirs from Aisha Buhari.’
BiafraSay Forum @BiafrasayForum said: 
‘You Have Joined Kanu In Calling Nigerians A Zoo – Reactions Trail Communication Between Sani And Aisha Buhari ‘.
@Chychychukwu said
Buhari: “The baboon and Monkey shall soak in blood”
Aisha: “hynas and jackals shall be kicked out of her husband’s kingdom”.
@DonaldSpeakz said
“Don’t be surprise what Buhari daughter will call nigerians tomorrow. From dogs and baboons to hynas and jackals to what?”.
@JimmyMartins6 said
“The whole world knew that Nigeria is a Zoological Republic, Muhammad Buhari called it first b4 his election. Monkey and Baboons if he loss”.
– Azeezat Kareem

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