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Shame of a nation as international airport’s darkness lasts hours

Yesterday (Monday, September 12, 2016), Murtala Muhammed’s International Airport, Ikeja (Lagos) was in darkness for hours following power outage. Passengers, who were stranded as they could not be attended to by immigration officials or get their luggage from the carousels, were drenched in sweat as heat overtook everywhere.

The shame was put in perspective by many passengers and observers…


Am optimistic that the power cut was a deliberate attempt or probably Nigeria factor. If senators and Nigeria as a whole experience blackout Then there’s nothing new. This incidence exposes us to world what we go through in terms of power supply. This is a point of call to authorities as a matter of urgency look it before it becomes a norm



wow! and MMA seems to be our most important, biggest and profit making airport..if this is happening in MMA what can we say of others..lets just assume we don’t have an international airport,the only one we thought could make it in the international world has turn national… who do we blame? as that’s the only thing we are good at!



Amaechi and Fashola need to get serious please! What manner of ineptitude is this one? Abi is it the rocket science of ’16 years of rot’ that is doing them on top airport infrastructure and power supply?



Later someone said power has improved and Fashola is working.

*just sipping my jackd & coke and passing by*



Can someone please call Goodluck Jonathan to put together a team to save Nigeria.

We totally at this point reject Buhari and his terrible band of dullards., We don’t need to wait for an election. This guys just have to go.



That’s what the normally do when they want to move drugs.

Aviation ministry under APC



The airport will soon be concessioned out then things will definitely improve.



Nothing surprises me in this country again



For over 2 hours and they are lamenting…. Nonsense

What happens to the standby generators provided?

I guess they also went for salah holidays..!

Useless government



Whoever says we will/are getting right doesn’t know/seen anything yet in this country .

Just the other day at the departure terminal, a mad man from nowhere appeared and gave a white woman a dirty slap, the woman fainted instantly… cameras/phones was confiscated immediately to cover up the news.

And I was like what the Hell is a mad man doing around an international airport . SMH

Am ashamed seriously

I just hate everything about this country.




Nothing about Nigeria amazes me anymore. The country deserves better than this.



Na today?e dey happen every time.dem no even get air freshner for arrival unit…e dey smell as if dem dey rear he goat there.Di’s buhari era be worst



Hmmm….blackout at the main International Airport? No backup power supply to automatically kick in? Blame Buhari blame Jonathan…doesn’t matter… it’s a disgrace to Nigeria and there would be a big loss of much needed revenue.Somebody needs to be fired…or fired at.



What a shame. As a nation, why are we deteriorating at such a fast rate? Bolustic and co where are you people? And what do you have to say to this? undecided

Adeniran Omotayo:

Why is airport been seen as part of Europe where power outages don’t occurs, the entire country is embroiled in epileptic power supply so also the airports and the environs.


Elliot Ono:

What a a joke! So called International airport!


Ayo Ogbongbemiga:

The govt has no business doing this. But the blame goes to PMB, because the buck stops at his desk. I am not going to blame IBB or Gowon for this?.

We know govt does not do well with this, because they aren’t necessarily govt strong points.


Christopher Peter Tevi Lawson:

Were billions not spent on these airports recently? Are emergency back up electric supplies not essential safety requirements?


Toyin Ogunsuyi:

The government should fire all those guys at the FAAN.


Kayode Ogunfeibo:

There is also a serious security risk. What’s to stop a terrorist going in there under the cover of the blackout and blowing the place up?

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