She was always at peace with everybody-IDIAT ADEBISI ADEMOSU

DSC_0323-001How would you describe mama’s death?

Her death was painful despite the fact that she was old before she passed on. No one prays he or she loses his or her parents, but there’s nothing anybody can do about that. No one knows she won’t live longer than that because she was a mother that loved her children and she wasn’t a troublesome person. She always loved to embrace peace with anybody. She was extremely patient, a gentle woman to the core.

What would you miss most about her?

I would miss a lot about her, especially her words of encouragement. Many times she would call me “Idiat, always exercise patience. God will take care of your children”. She always prayed for my children, myself and my husband. So, when mama has gone, who else would be praying for you. That’s the truth. She’s no longer there to pray for me again unless the one I do for myself and my children. In fact, I will miss her prayer for life.

What would you be remembering her for?

I will continue to remember her motherly care. She was so caring and loving. I am her first daughter, I don’t think my mother ever beat me. But she would only say, “Idiat, I will deal with you one day”, but she never dealt with me till she died. She always warned me against impatience. In fact, she was my very good adviser. I know she lived a good life and she would also rest in peace by the special grace of God. My prayer is that God will protect all her children and that we continue to remain united the way we were raised by both parents. I will continue to remember my mother because mother is gold to every child.

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