She was not only a mother but a counselor – KUDIRAT OLUWABUKOLA AKINBODE

DSC_0322How would you describe mama’s death?

It’s painful but there’s nothing we can do about it. But one thing we will continue to thank God for is that she lived a very good life. Glory to God on that.

As a female child, how do you feel about her leaving you at the moment?

I feel bad about it. It pains me missing her. But when God said it’s time, who are we to query Him?

What are the things you will continue to remember her for?

That’s a lot. My mother was a very patient person. We never heard her quarrel with anybody. As you see me, I am not a patient person. But my mom would always calm me. She would say, “Swallow your anger”. Anytime I wanted to do anything, she was also there to guide me. She was not only my mother, but a counsellor and adviser till she died. That’s why I said, losing her is a very painful thing to me. But there is nothing I can do other than thanking God for her life.

What would you miss most about her?

I would miss her more than a lot. In fact, in everything. It is only God that can console me anytime I remember her.

Was there anything mama promised you that she couldn’t fulfill before she passed on?

There was nothing like that between us, but I am her younger daughter and I was with her till she breathed her last. I would say she died almost on my hands.

How would you describe life without her now?

Everything is in the Hand of God, and I believe He will take total control. Even when they were both alive, I mean my father and her, it’s God that was always there for us. I pray Almighty God be pleased with her and my father. They’re wonderful parents.

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