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Shocking details about Nice terrorist emerge

Mohammed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, the crazed terrorist who killed about 84 people and injured over 200 in Nice (France) yesterday night  (Thursday, July 14) while they were celebrating Bastille Day has been described as a drug addict who beat his wife.

Those who knew the French-Tunisian who drove a 19-tonne truck into a crowd of revellers before shooting those scampering to safety said he’s not a true Muslim.
The career criminal was described by his cousin as flouting all the tenets of Islam, and has no link with jihadists.
Walid Hamou, his cousin, labeled the father of three children married to Hajer Khalfallah as an infidel who avoided mosques. He drank alcohol and ate pigs, apart from taking drugs, Hamou alleged.
What’s more, the killer who didn’t participate in the recently ended Ramadan fast was in the process of divorcing his wife who was taken into custody by French police. More of his relatives and associates are also being arrested for questioning.
The delivery driver whose victims included children was known to police for armed theft and violence, but not terrorism.
Neighbours of the terrorist said he’s a creepy loner who scared children .

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