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Shocking revelation : Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen was gay

Omar Mateen, the 29 year old crazed terrorist who killed 49 people on Sunday (June 12) at a gay club in Orlando, Florida (United States of America), leaving 53 injured, is himself gay! Several people claimed the married father of one son was a regular at gay clubs and bars around Florida in the last ten years. What’s more, contrary to his claim of being a devout Muslim, he drank alcohol.

And the claim of his Afghanistan born father (Seddique Mateen) that his New York born son was upset when he saw two men kissing has been rubbished as balderdash. That he knew of his son’s sexuality, and had accused him of being gay in front of his first wife (Satori Yusufiy).
Apart from that, Omar has seen many men kissing and hugging in the last decade, and has swung his arm around men on many occasions at the clubs.
Many men have also claimed that Omar, who was on gay sites, Grindr and Jack’d, propositioned them, but they found him creepy and strange. That he was a regular at Pulse Nightclub, where he shot over a hundred people, for more than ten years.
His sexuality and shame could have driven him to the terrorist attack.
And those he now aligned with, ISIS, usually kill in horrendous manner anyone they suspect of being gay.

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