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Shocking world of crazy Orlando shooter

The crazy Orlando shooter, 29 year old Omar Saddiqui Mateen, born in New York but with Afghan lineage, is married and has a son. He has been described as a devout Muslim who talked about killing all the time.

Before now, he didn’t exhibit any homophobic tendency, and displayed no emotion about being anti gay. He reportedly became upset at the sight of two men kissing, and his outlook changed. He began to talk about killing people, started using inflammatory statements, racial sexual and ethnic slurs.
Colleagues were deeply worried about how he was turning out, and complained about his talk of wanting to kill. And bosses did nothing about his dangerous outburst.
Once a security detail at a High School, Omar Mateen was said to be on steroids by his first wife (Sitora Yusufiy) who coped without success at his constant physical abuse. They met online and were together for two years (2009 to 2011).  She said he was evidently mentally ill, and owned a gun then. She had to run after the abuse became unbearable, and she was rescued by her parents from the troubled union.
Omar spent much of his time at the gym, building muscle. The body builder was said to be constantly agitated and aggressive.
He possibly remarried in 2012 to Noor Zahi Salman – but it appears they no longer lived together before he was shot after killing 50 people and injuring 53 on Sunday, June 12. The estranged lovers have a son whom he dotes on.
At his mosque in Florida, he was described as taciturn, aloof and unfriendly, rarely interacting with his Muslim brethren.
He reportedly played football in high school and was very outgoing and friendly. And in college (Indian River State College, Fort Pierce, Orlando, Florida), he earned an associate degree in criminal justice.
He was hoping to join the police, but instead worked as a security officer.

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