Shoprite reopens for business after being shut down for 12 hours

The management of the multinational shopping mall in Ikeja, Lagos state, Shoprite had kept mum over the reasons the mall was shut for a couple of hours.

When ENCOMIUM Weekly visited the place on Monday, November 30, 2015, we were tossed to and fro and was eventually told, “We are not in the right position to make any comment.”

Shoprite was shut down on Friday, November 27, 2015 after officials from the Lagos State Safety Commission stormed the place.

They drove everyone out and sealed off the massive premises, placing a seal order at the entrance. It was alleged that the management of the mall breached safety law, hence the clampdown by officials of the commission.

The seal order notice read: “Sealed, the premises has been sealed following the breach of safety law. This seal must not be broken. For further enquiries, contact the Commission.”

Information pieced together by ENCOMIUM Weekly revealed that a lot of customers were stranded, while some were chased out as they were shopping.

The timely intervention of a permanent Secretary and a commissioner in Lagos State led to the reopening of the mall.

Effort to also speak to the Lagos State Safety Commission was abortive as at press time.

Shoprite, which is listed on Namibia Stock Exchange and Zambian Stock Exchange is a South African-based retail and fast food company. It operates over 1,200 corporate and 270 franchise outlets in 16 countries across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. The Shoprite Group of Companies started from South Africa’s small town in 1979 with the purchase of a chain of right supermarkets in Cape Town for 1 million rand. The next 30 years were marked by various acquisitions and innovative expansion strategies that brought it to the R72 billion business that Shoprite is today.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sampled opinion of customers shopping at the mall…



I am not aware Shoprite was shut down. I don’t come here often, just once in a blue moon. I prefer to get things around my area than travelling here.



I heard from one of my friends that the place was shut. I come here often to buy things since it is not far from my place of work.



I wasn’t surprised when I heard the place was shut down. A friend of mine bought an expired product sometime back. She had to return it. I think, the necessary ministry should checkmate them well.



I patronise Shoprite very well because they have varieties of things on sale. I don’t get to see those lovely items elsewhere. I was surprised that the place was shut down. I didn’t hear about it.



Government should not shut it down. They should warn them if they have done anything wrong. The place has provided job opportunities for some of my friends, what will happen if they shut it down.

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