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Should Jonathan be probed? (2)

– Nigerians vote for trial of former president

Since Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade began, a lot of prominent names have been indicted and still being investigated, especially the case of $2.1 billion arms scam allegedly perpetrated by National Security Adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan and others.

A lot of Nigerians have also called for the probe of the former president under whose nose the money was diverted and the nation’s treasury looted blind.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke to on this also supported the call on the ground that no one is above the law.


‘We should let sleeping dogs lie’ – Sam Obaseki

The past presidents and heads of state are roaming the streets freely and they were certainly worse off, so I don’t think he should. We should let sleeping dogs lie. It’s not like all those in the present government have perfect records. We know their history.


‘Those found guilty should be jailed as the law states’ – Miss Mobolaji

Yes, he can’t be a saint in all this allegations, can he? His administration should be looked into and he should be brought in to answer what he knows. Those found guilty should be jailed as the law states.


‘Goodluck Jonathan should be probed’ – Ezekiel Falola

I think former president, Goodluck Jonathan should be probed. There shouldn’t be any sacred cow in this war against corruption. The only thing is that President Buhari should prosecute him if any account is linked to him, he should be duly investigated. Nobody is above the law.


‘I don’t want former President Jonathan probed’ – Obi Uzor

I don’t want former President Jonathan probed. Not that I am happy that he allowed that kind of huge corruption right under his nose, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be respected as former president. He should be accorded that honour. But if in the long run, he’s linked to any of the looted funds directly, that’s a different case entirely.

Nigerians are happy about Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade, but he should just spare Jonathan for now.


‘The best thing is to probe him’ – Favour Oluwadare

The best thing is to probe him because a lot of atrocities took place under his administration. He should not be spared. It will serve as a warning to other looters who want to come into governance. That is the ideal thing to do anyway.


‘I don’t see why Jonathan will not be prosecuted…’ – Bukola Olayikanmi

A lot of people have been getting away with corruption because the government seems not to be interested in probing them. Thanks to President Buhari for that initiative. I don’t see why Jonathan will not be prosecuted if he is found guilty too. I think he should be probed, the present administration has taken a bold step. May he finish it.


‘…nobody is above the law’ – Chima Okorafor

Jonathan should be probed if found guilty, nobody is above the law. So, they should not make him walk like a free man and enjoy the money he stole.


‘He should be but…’ – Mr. Onyedikachi

He should be but it is unfortunate in this country that people ruling will steal our money and be granted bail. This is an era of change and this change should start from people at the top but it is too bad that the big men and women in Nigeria are above the law and remain untouchable. God help Nigeria.


‘I see no reason why he shouldn’t be probed’ – John Okafor

Yes, Jonathan should be probed if found guilty and he should be prosecuted too. I see no reason why he shouldn’t be probed. Everyone is equal in the eye of the law former president or not.


‘He should be probed and prosecuted’ – Wale Akinlade

If he is found guilty, he should be probed and prosecuted. This is the era of change, and I’m already impressed with the ongoing Dasuki case and it shouldn’t be any different if Jonathan is found guilty also.

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