Should spouses keep in touch with their ex? (2)

Moving on after some irreconcilable differences gets you stronger. Some partners who had shared the most memorable moments of their lives still move on and lose contact. Keeping in touch with your ex might be for only friendship with no strings attached.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought people’s opinion if allowing their partners to keep in touch with their ex is a good idea. While some people see nothing bad in keeping ,in touch with one’s ex, others regard it as totally absurd as the memory they share in the past might still bring them together…



Yes, I see nothing bad in it, if it is not more than friendship. But they should not be together in hidden places. Though I wouldn’t know but if I realize my husband is acting strangely at home, I will have no choice than to break the connection.



No, because there is no way they will keep in touch with each other that they wouldn’t have the thought of meeting and something else might come out of it. Probably going back to the things they’ve shared in the past.

I would not want that to happen. At least there was a reason for them separating. Why can’t they move on without contacting each other.



I can never allow my wife keep in touch with her ex because I don’t know the guy’s motive of chatting her back. I am a man and I know what we men can do in cases like this. I am not ready to divorce my wife because I love her. So, the best thing is to avoid whatever will lead to that. I can’t stand seeing my wife with any man



For what? What will he be doing with his ex? There is no point chatting his ex when he’s married to me. I can’t allow him at all.



I see nothing bad in my husband keeping in touch with his ex, at least he had the opportunity of marrying her before he met me because he feels I am better for him. I believe the reason for their separation will keep ringing in his head and why he preferred me to her. All these won’t make him cheat on me. It’s a free world after all.



People think that the fact that someone still chats with his/her ex can bring them together. It is not done that way, I personally see nothing bad in chatting your ex as far as you’re disciplined.

What is in your past should be in your past. Even if you chat her it should be only for friendship purpose with no string attached.



I don’t think it makes sense. Why should my wife still be in contact with her ex. I will never allow her and if she’s already doing it and I get to know, I will warn her to stop and she doesn’t, I don’t know what could come out of that because I believe anything called ex is in the past and that’s where it belongs.



I can’t allow my boyfriend to keep in touch with his ex because I don’t trust men. They can be foxy and deceitful. I believe prevention is better than cure. So, I wouldn’t allow him to chat her.



There’s nothing bad in it. As far as I trust my wife and she trusts me too, then we are good to go. You know sometimes keeping in touch with one’s ex has its own benefit. Like me, it was my ex-girlfriend that connected me to the company I work presently and it is not as if we were still together when she did it.

That didn’t prompt me to go back to her. We are both happily married now and we are close family friends.



There’s no need. Why would she contact her ex. I am already offering her what her ex couldn’t offer her because if there’s no reason they would not have broken up. She feels I am better that is why she is married to me. So, why should she go back to her past. I can’t allow her at all.



I can’t allow it. My husband keeping in touch with his ex, absolutely no! Men are very cunning. If I leave him to chat her then I am ready to be out of the marriage. Even when we were still courting, I couldn’t accommodate her picture on his phone not to now talk of allowing him chat her. I will say no over and over again.



Ex is in the past. I don’t dwell in my past so, I can’t allow my wife to dwell in her past as well. She has moved on, so she should put all odds behind her. I can’t chat my ex either.



I see nothing bad in keeping in touch with my ex. We are still friends. My fiancé even know him and they talk well. My fiancee’s ex is also my friend, though she is married now. I see nothing wrong in it. As far as I am disciplined and I trust my husband, we are good to go.



Contacting your ex is not bad, but men of today are cunning and should not be free to an extent because they will misuse the opportunity. I am not ready to be a divorcee so, I can’t allow my husband to keep in touch with his ex. Not in the world of today.



Quitting relationship is not the end of the world. The fact that we are not dating anymore does not say we shouldn’t remain friends. We meet everybody for a reason. So, your ex can be useful in the future, so why break the connection. I can allow my wife chat with her ex. I can never make friends with her ex too.



NO, I can’t allow her because I wouldn’t want to jeopardize our marriage. I feel there’s no need contacting her ex since she’s married to me. If she insists on chatting him, then we will have to go our separate ways.



I can’t allow him because it will ruin my home.



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