Should spouses keep in touch with their ex?

Moving on after some irreconcilable differences gets you stronger. Some partners who had shared the most memorable moments of their lives still move on and losing contacts. Keeping in touch with your ex might be for only friendship with no strings attached.

ENCOMIUM Weekly sought people’s opinion if allowing their partner to keep in touch with their ex is a good idea. While some people sees nothing bad in keeping ,in touch with one’s ex, other regard it as being totally absurd as the memory they share in the past might still bring them back together.


OLAJUMOKE FAGBAMILA – No, I won’t allow it. I believe what is in the past should be in the past. He is with me now, he has to forget about the ex.


TOPE ALIBI – I can’t allow her because if I do, it means I am only dwelling on an already broken relationship. Though they can be friends but it should have limit but men will always want to go beyond friendship that is why I won’t allow her at all.


HENRIETTA SUNDAY – Since we are already married, there’s no need of him keeping in touch with his ex because if I don’t stop him, I will be at the losing end. He will end up leaving me for her. I can’t even allow them to be ordinary friends because men, they don’t keep relationship on only friendship level.


FEMI OTENIARA – I won’t allow her. It is rubbish, why should she keep in touch with her ex. I can’t allow her at all because if I do, the memories they shared together might just allow her cheat on me.


OKANLAWON RIDWAN – It is a capital NO. it is not right at all. If my wife keeps in touch with her ex, she will never be serious and it might lead to our break up.


TIMILEYIN MOSES – It depends on the relationship. One won’t just conclude that keeping in touch with one’s ex can break the home when I didn’t catch her pants down. The truth is my wife’s ex still calls her and I don’t get bothered, after all she had the chance of marrying him and she married me. Besides, I trust my wife.


MARUF OSENI – Hell no, I won’t allow her, is she looking for trouble or a divorce.


MRS. SHADE – It’s called an ex, why keep the past in your present. I won’t allow him.


AYOMIDE OJO – To me, it is not a bad idea. It depends on the lines of communication. Like me, I still call my ex on her birthday, just to wish her well. I chat with her too but what we discuss is mainly business. We do not discuss relationship and I see nothing bad in it. I have moved on and she’s married too.


FOLAWE OGUNBIYI – It is no big deal, I see nothing in it. Though it depends on how often they communicate and the kind of issue they discuss.


AZEEZ GBADAMOSI – There’s nothing bad in contacting your ex, so far it is on a friendship platform and my wife trusts me. Like me, I talk to my ex often, I am married and she is too.


SAMUEL OBODO – Yes, I can allow my wife. I see nothing bad about it. I still keep in touch with my ex too and my wife is aware of it.


UGBONNA NKECHI – A whole lot is wrong in keeping in touch with one’s ex. I have a strong believe in the proverb ‘Let bygone be bygone’. One or two things led to their breakup and he moved on with me so, why should he go back to his vomit. I can’t do it so, I don’t expect it from my husband either.


ADEBIYI ADEBISI – Even without getting married yet, I can’t allow my boyfriend to keep in touch with his ex. Anyway, anyhow, the feelings might come back and they will get back, together. If my boyfriend does that, I believe something is fishy.


DESMOND – It is a bad idea and I am sure no man will allow his wife to keep in touch with an ex, whoever that says it is good should visit a doctor.


BISI FAJEMISI – It is his headache. If he likes he should still keep in touch with his ex. So far he still performs his duty as my husband and I am not aware of his actions.


PATIENCE OKAFOR – It is not good for a married person to still keep in touch with his or her ex. As for me, I can’t tolerate it because I am a very jealous woman and my husband can’t either.


CHIDI SAMUEL – There’s nothing bad in it, so far I trust her, she can keep in touch with as many ex as possible.


ADEDOYIN ADEOBA – I see nothing wrong in it, so far there are no strings attached. If it is based on friendship and work level, I can tolerate that but if it is getting out of that, then there will be trouble. I still keep in touch with my ex and we only talk about work and family. He is married, likewise me.


FATIMOH BELLO – I can’t allow my husband to keep in touch with his ex, because memories are like wound that can never be healed. If they now get in touch, it might bring them back to the things they did in the past and I wouldn’t want to lose my husband. So, it is not a good idea.


KOREDE ADEOYE – I can’t allow her. I feel it is absurd because what you’ve left should be in the past. Why should you still contact your ex? If my wife does that, I can divorce her.

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