Should women be granted menstrual leave?

Menstrual circle is part of life of women. For some, it can be excruciatingly painful or heavy while for others it could flow without a fuss. Considering the painful cramps that accompany menstruation, some women have voted for menstrual leave.

ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, March 23, 2016, spoke with some women if they should be granted menstrual leave at work place. Most women supported the suggestion while some were against it.



Yes, women should be granted menstrual leave because of the pains they go through. Let me use myself as an example. When I am on my period, two days before blood starts flowing, I have to sit with hot water bag because of the serious pain I go through.

So, they should be given at least three days to take care of themselves.



No, what for? Is there no sanitary pad or is there no medication for relief. They should cut down their sugar level. If an employer has five women working for him, that means the five women will go on three days break each. The business will collapse.



It depends on the duration of the leave you are talking about. If you work in my company and you come to me that you have cramps, I will tell you to go home and rest for two days but three days is a No. So, I support only two days break.



Yes, I think it is good if employers can consider women by giving them menstrual leave. It is not easy for some women when they are on their period. They go through a lot of pains. Some even end up in the hospital because of severe pains.

Some will be throwing up like they are pregnant. Some even look sick when they are on their period. So, for me, it is a yes. I support the idea very well because it gives the woman time to take care of herself properly. At least, five days is enough to take care of menstrual period.



Yes, they should be considered because most women are not comfortable during menstruation. Some cannot even do house chores. Some will lie on the floor crying. So, most women need rest at that time. So, they should be given rest from work at least five days.



Yes, women should be granted menstrual leave because a lot of women go through pains when they are on their period. Some even have mood swings. So, I think if employers can give like three days off, it will be ok. But the thing is most women will misuse this opportunity.



Yes, they should be given menstrual leave because that is the time a woman can take care of herself properly. Some women go through a lot of stress at work place and when she is on her period, she goes through the heat of work and enduring menstrual pains. She will not be able to take care of herself properly.

If you watch that kind of woman, she will definitely grow older than her age because the blood that flows out is unwanted. So, the woman is supposed to handle herself properly during this period. I support the menstrual break. Three days is enough.



Yes, women should be given at least three days to relax and take care of themselves, because when some women are on their period, they prefer to stay indoors because of the pains they go through.



No, because an employer gives a whole quarter of the year to a woman to take care of her new baby (maternity leave). It will not be fair if she still wants to steal every week in a month for menstrual leave. How will the business progress, such business will die.



Yes, I support the menstrual leave but it will be given to women who experience abnormal pains during their period.



No, it is not needed. A period does not make one incapable of working unless the woman has serious pains that can get her in the hospital. If the woman is having serious pains, she can say she is sick and maybe not come for one day.



No, there is no need for such. Menstrual circle is an entirely painless process, neither does it hinder a working woman from performing her duties, except in rare cases of dysmenorrheal.



Yes, they should because women with Polymenorrhea, Metrorrhagia will need frequent and longer leave because of what they go through. But how will an employer know women that go through this. I think the menstrual leave should be granted and three days is enough.



Yes, maybe on the first and second day but some lazy women will capitalize on it and be using that time to attend to unnecessary things. But two days off work will do.



No, because if the woman has personal business or a shop, do you think she will close her shop because she has menstrual pains? The answer is No, so it is equally a No for me.



Yes, because some girls are inactive when they are on their period. Some even fall sick, while some complain of stomach ache and some complain of waist pain. So, I think three days off work should be given to women.



Yes, because menstrual cramps can be crazy, talking from experience. Many women have dysmenorrheal while some are fortunate not to but with drinks like hot water and proper rest, it will not be so bad. Some will even be rolling on the floor when they menstruate. So, at least five days to take care of themselves will do.



No, even though it is true that during menstruation the woman feels unwilling to do anything but I do not see any need for a break.



No, because some women don’t want to work and because of all these special considerations they get everything they want. Moreover, menstruation does not kill so, it should not become a serious issue that will even make the woman go on break.


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