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Sierra-Leonean Starboyz #TSB relocate to Nigeria to break even

ONE of the fast rising acts in Sierra Leone, Team Starboyz #TSB are here in Nigeria in search of greener pasture.  They are three brothers from the same parents, set of twins and their elder brother.  The highly focused and adventurous dudes said Nigeria is the biggest when it comes to music in Africa and they are here to pursue their career in music.  In an interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, they revealed that they bought a one way ticket which means no going back until they secure a break through the music industry.

‘We’re here to survive’ – ROMEO 

Can we meet you?

DSC_0267-001My name is Romeo Braxon of Team Starboyz #TSB.  I attended Albert Academy Secondary School, Sierra Leone and furthered my education at Little Business College, where I studied Business Management.

How long have you been singing?

I have been singing since I was 11.

If you were not doing music, what would you be doing?

I would have been an international businessman.

How do you plan to break into the Nigerian music industry?

That’s our motive of being in Nigeria.  We want to break into the music industry here. We know it’s not going to be easy, but we hope to survive through collaborations.  I know it’s going to be okay.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

That’s a big question.  In five years, I would say we will be among the hottest and greatest because we will take Africa to the next level.

What would you say is your unique selling point?

I can sing and I can rap, but most especially I have got a lovely voice.  So, I use that as an advantage to woo our fans.


‘We want to be role models’ – AL-SIM What’s your name, please?

DSC_0267-002My name is Al-Sim Braxon of Team Starboyz # TSB.  I grew up in Sierra Leone.  I attended Albert Academy and I have a degree in National Business Communication from Little Business College, Sierra Leone.  Our dad passed on about four years ago.  Our mother is in Sierra Leone.

How did music start for you?

Since childhood, people call us Starboyz because we went to the same school.  We behave like triplets because we carry the same lunch box, school bag, etc.  When we were in high school we were introduced to modeling.  We got a contract to start modeling, that was why we laid back a bit in our music career.  Later, we decided to pursue our career in music because that is what we really have passion for.  So, when we came back to music, we were based in The Gambia and it was there we dropped a mix tape album entitled, Nothing 2 Something.  We recorded most of our songs in The Gambia, some in Senegal and Morocco.  We are from Sierra Leone but after our degree we were based in The Gambia for about five years.

How long have you been into music?

Over 10 years now, because we have been singing since childhood.  When we were about nine, we used our rulers to make beats and sing in the classroom for our friends.

What genre of music do you do?

We do hip-hop, R n’ B, Afro, rap.

Have you done a collabo with any Nigerian artiste?

No, we haven’t done any yet.  We wanted to showcase ourselves to the world so that they will know we can do it on our own.  But now that we are in Nigeria, we are looking forward to doing collabo with some great Nigerian artistes.

Have you come to Nigeria to stay?

Yes, we are here to stay.  We want to break into the music industry in Nigeria.  The market is so big in Nigeria and we want to go global and Nigeria leads in the music industry in Africa.

Why did you choose Nigeria?

Nigeria is the champion when it comes to music in Africa.  Most of the good musicians in Africa are from Nigeria, so to be successful one must go through the best channel.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?

We see ourselves as the hottest not only in Nigeria, in Africa and all over the world.  We will be one of the most successful and we will also move Africa to the next level.  We also want to be role models to the younger generation.


‘Starboyz would love to duet with Davido and Wizkid’ – AL-DEL

DSC_0267-003Can we meet you?

My name is Al-Del Braxton.  I represent Team Starboyz #TSB with my twin brother and my elder brother.  I attended Albert Academy Secondary School, Sierra Leone and Little Business School, Sierra Leone.

What do you do to support this group?

I am a rapper.  Sometimes, I catch the chorus, but I love to write songs.

Do you write your songs?

The three of us write the songs, we come together and sort things out.

Are you on a record label?

No, we are on our own.  We run our group solely.

Are you looking forward to seeing a prominent recording label signing you onto their label?

Yes, that’s why we came to Nigeria.

If you are given the opportunity, who would you like to do a collabo with?

Davido and Wizkid because we are of the same age grade and they are doing well globally.

What do you think will make you break into the music industry in Nigeria?

We can do all that is trending, the kind of music people want to listen to.  Although we do lots of rap because that is what people like back in The Gambia and Sierra Leone.  We chose to come to Nigeria first because as soon as we carve a niche for ourselves here, it will be easy to get into the music industries of other countries.

Does music run in your family?

Yes, our father was a musician although he wasn’t exposed enough, he had passion for music. He was a chorister in our church.

How was your album in The Gambia and Sierra Leone, was it accepted?

Yes, we launched it and the turnout was massive. People really loved it, we are among the hottest back there.  But since their market is not large enough, we have been trying to set an example for the younger ones, that’s why we are in Nigeria.


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