Two years after signing onto award winning record label, Chocolate City, inspirational act and rave of the moment, Nosakhare Shedrack Omoregie, simply called Nosa, has concluded work on his debut album, Open Doors.

In this interview with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the Always pray for you crooner spoke on his journey into music, why it took him two years to drop his debut album, Open Doors and much more.

 How has your journey into music industry been?

I will say it has not been easy but I thank God for all I have been able to accomplish. I have been able to release some singles like, Always pray for you, God bless Nigeria, and more. There have been challenges but God has been faithful in all.

What were the challenges?

nosa1In the journey into music industry, you meet dishonest people. People will definitely show you they can’t be trusted, so you will have to do most things on your own, especially the financial aspect.

To get stakeholders to hear your music is another challenge, especially radio, because they will look down on you. It was not easy at all but God proved them wrong when I got signed to Chocolate City in 2012.

How did it happen?

I was opportuned to meet Shalamar, who invented the moon walk and Mr. Audu of Chocolate City. They collected my CD and after listening to it, they loved Always pray for you, a single included in the disc and both of them liked me as an artiste. One year later, they called me to talk about a contract and the rest is history.

What is the genre of your music?

I do songs that relate to our everyday life, songs that will inspire everyone. My songs affect people even more than the regular gospel songs, but the message is still to let you understand more about God and bring you closer to Him.

Audu Maikori

Audu Maikori

What other things were you doing before you got into the industry?

I was an electronic engineering student at the University of Benin and also a pastor. I started writing songs in school.

Why do you sing in pidgin?

I sing in pidgin because I want to carry everybody along. Not everybody who understands pidgin understands good English. Musicians like to make the message grandiose for the guys on the street who sometimes don’t even understand what you are talking about.

I have a message of hope; so if I make it too serious, they might not be able to relate with it. That’s why I do most songs in pidgin.

Can you tell us about the tracks on the album?

14 songs, Always pray for you, I just released Always on my mind, I also have Why you love me, a song that I acknowledged God, remembering where I was coming from but presented in a way that you could sing it to your wife, friend or parents who have been there for you. I also have No worry and a remix of Always on my mind featuring MI and more.

What are your other plans aside music?

I don’t have a plan B. Music is a means to an end when you put passion aside. I want music to become my hobby, earn money and go to the studio to release songs and put it in the market. I will go into business at the long run, because I am not a bad spender.

When did you discover you could sing?

I discovered I could sing at seven. I was also a chorister at Christian Gospel Church, Benin.

Are there plans to do collabo with more artistes aside MI?

Yes, but it depends on the song. If I have a song and I think this person will be able to deliver the message very well, we will do something together.

Who motivated you into doing music?

A lot of them, Boys II Men, Bob Marley, King Sunny Ade and some indigenous musicians in Benin.

What do you want to become with music?

I just want to be like the guy next door to people who love my songs. I want people to feel like I am beside them, talking to them. How I wished they would call to say after listening to my music they were blessed.


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