Sikiratu Sindodo denies getting car gift from new lover

‘It’s all rubbish’

Popular thespian, Khadijat Temitayo Odueke, addressed as Sikiratu Sindodo, has rubbished the tale that she got a car gift from a US based lover recently, adding that it’s not only untrue but laughable. She further described the tale as unfounded.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Friday, November 8, 2013, the talented role interpreter expressed dissatisfaction about the tale, labeling those behind it as lazy and irresponsible rumour mongers.

“I don’t know where and how they got the story. People are just fond of spreading rumour. They are fond of saying and writing all sorts of nonsense. I don’t even know the new lover they are talking about, let alone buying a car for me. I learnt they said the person sponsored my movie premiere in US. Everything is nothing but a blatant lie. Please, ignore those sponsoring all these rubbish. They are all lazy and irresponsible.”




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